1850 Coffee by The Folger Coffee Co. Review


“The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup.” We have all heard this slogan once or twice in our lives, right? Well, Folgers coffee has created a new brand called 1850. The name comes from the exact year that founder James A. Folger opened up a Coffee and Spice Mill. Folger and his family were in San Francisco during the time of the California Gold Rush. Even though many had moved there in search of gold, Folger created his own form of “liquid” gold.


I am not going to lie, I was randomly walking through the grocery store aisle and this bag of coffee caught my eye. The navy blue and gold looked pretty vintage and the font looked classy. Heck, the name is Black Gold, that sounds pretty promising…right? Maybe I am just a sucker for vintage looking items, but I decided I would give it a try.


My coffee testing will be broken down into 4 categories: aroma, location of taste, actual taste or aftertaste, and body. As a coffee addict, I prefer dark roast coffees to the lighter roast, and I never add cream or sugar to my coffee. I drink it as God intended it, straight and black.


The aroma was quite pleasant. I would consider it smoky and a tad nutty. Folgers normally has a nice smell to it anyway, and the 1850 is no different. The bag noted that it had a touch of dark cocoa in it. For a lady or gentleman that needs their coffee fix in the morning, this coffee gets you craving it even more with the aroma it gives off. I love the smell of this coffee.


In order to locate the taste of coffee, you have to slurp it to figure out where the coffee sits on your tongue. The 1850 Black Gold stayed on the tip of my tongue, which generally means it is acidic. This is not very shocking as coffee is typically acidic anyway, but this flavor was not “highly” acidic. 


As far as actual taste, it did taste semi-bitter and dark chocolatey. I cannot say either was overpowering but was enough to notice. At least the coffee bag was not lying about the cocoa notes. The bag recommends 2 tablespoons per 6 oz. cup. My preference is, the heavier the better. Weak coffee makes me angry, you might as well just drink water…so I love strong coffee. This met my expectations in taste. I could drink several cups of this stuff.


The body is clearly dark roast, as the flavor lingers and was what I call “medium” acidity. Now, to test the Black Gold even further, I paired it with its San Francisco neighbor…Ghirardelli dark chocolate! This chocolate had peppermint on it as well. After eating the chocolate, I took a sip of the coffee, and I loved the end result. The peppermint and chocolate masked the bitterness of the coffee bringing out the smoky flavor even more. This resulted with me finishing my cup rather quickly…


My overall grade for this coffee is be a 4.2/5. The coffee was pretty good on its own, but tasted much better with the dark peppermint chocolate. For a 7-buck bag of coffee, it’s hard to argue that it did not live up to its value. If you love Folgers coffee, I highly recommend trying this Black Gold product. The bag looks cool, the story behind the name is awesome, and you get your coffee fix with 1850 Black Gold. 





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