SmackDown Recap - November 27th




There’s been a lot going on in the world of SmackDown and with 3 weeks until TLC, things are looking pretty solid for the brand. Here is the recap and my thoughts about the show. 


*Winners are bolded


  •  Becky Lynch come backs after a being off of the show for the last couple of weeks.

  •  Becky Lynch called out Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown GM Paige announced a match between the two at TLC.

  •  The rest of the SmackDown women confronted the GM telling her that they all deserve a chance at the title. Paige then announced a Battle Royal match with the winner moving on to TLC with a chance at the title.

  •  The Bar held an open challenge.

  •  Men’s Tag Team Match: The Bar vs. The Usos.

  •  AJ Styles returned after losing the WWE Championship 2 weeks ago.

  •  Styles called out Daniel Bryan for his dirty tactics in their match and told him he was going to reclaim the title.

  •  Another Lars Sullivan promo.

  •  Men’s Singles Match: Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (No Contest).

  •  SmackDown honored Jeff Hardy for being in WWE for 20 years.

  •  Samoa Joe interrupted the celebration to put down Hardy.

  •  Men’s Singles Match: Kofi Kingston vs The Miz.

  •  Randy Orton bragged about his attack on Rey Mysterio, with Mysterio’s mask in his hand.

  •  Mysterio came out to confront Orton, the two go back and forth with Orton ultimately attack Mysterio again. 

  •  The Miz tried to persuade Shane McMahon yet again to form a tag team. 

  •   8 Women Battle Royal for SmackDown Women’s Title Opportunity: Winner was Asuka.



SmackDown is winning literally every week. There is at least one thing each week that makes it must-see TV. To kick off the show, “The Man” returned to announce that she had been cleared to compete again, and thank goodness. She is the best thing in the WWE right now and it isn’t even close. It was a rough 2 weeks without her being on the show and it was good to see that she and Flair is still continuing, because that rivalry could go on forever and I don’t think anyone would mind. The added element on the Women’s Battle Royal was an interesting touch, although many people feel that a triple threat match is just bad writing it totally makes sense in this instance. We saw another match with The Bar and The Usos, it was a decent match, but we have seen it so many times in the past. AJ Styles made his return after losing his title. He is not known for his promo work, but he did his job in this one. The jab at RAW was a very nice touch. I don’t think that I have mentioned the Lars Sullivan promos on the previous recaps, but I thought that I should mention it at least once before he makes is main roster debut. Which brand he will be representing is unknown. To be honest, I really don’t see the appeal of Lars Sullivan, maybe I don’t watch enough NXT to get it, but the effort that the WWE is putting forth to push him gives an indication that he will be a key player coming up. The 20-year celebration of Jeff Hardy was a pretty cool moment, reliving his career highlights with a video tribute and the SmackDown roster coming out to congratulate him was awesome. Samoa Joe, however crashes the party reminding Hardy and the WWE Universe of Hardy’s past problems. I thought this spot was done beautifully. The tension between the two feels real and now I really want to see a match between these two. Moving on to the Orton/Mysterio feud, we are seeing shades of the Legend Killer with Orton and it is great. The main event was the Women’s Battle Royal, which many probably were not a fan of, but I like to see a good Battle Royal. Having Asuka win was basically the only option here, so they made the right choice. A Triple Threat match isn’t ideal in most cases, but the added TLC stipulation adds to the match and I expect the match to be wonderful. Really looking forward to this one.