Cowboys stun the saints during Thursday might football 13-10. The Cowboys came out the gate like bats from hell on defense. I know America was watching since we are America’s team. The defense of the Cowboys was lead by rookie Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylen Smith. The entire defense stepped up tonight with an interception by Jourdan Lewis to seal the deal. Drew Brees and the Saint were shut out in the first half. The Cowboys struggled in the third quarter riddle by defensive penalties that nearly cost us the game. The only touchdown pass Drew Brees threw was to Keith Kirkwood and in my humble opinion that was bull crap. A clear offensive pass interference, but there were several bad/missed calls by a veteran officiating squad. Never the less, Cowboys come out on top keeping us in the driver seat in the NFC East. LA Rams, your welcome… the Saints are no longer a clear number one for playoff rankings, the Rams have some room to work. This win was huge for Jason Garret, the Cowboys, and the fans! The Cowboys have a good chance of winning the next four games against the Eagles, Colts, Buccaneers, and Giants. All I can say is WE DEM BOYZ. If your opinion says otherwise, I want to congratulate you on being a hater and suggest you kick your feet up and keep watching our every move on TV like you usually do. We are not accepting any new fans, no bandwagons here. Keep it moving to your couch. Tune in on December 9th at 4:25 pm Est to watch a real team play and beat the Eagles. That’s all….