LAbron Does it Again

Lebron James drops 51 pts in 38 mins pulling down 8 rebounds and 3 assists in Sunday night victory over the Miami Heat. Lakes improve to 9-7 while Lebron racks up his 12th 50 point game. Lebron still has 106 games with over 50 points if he wants to catch the leader ( Wilt Chamberlain) and 19 to catch the GOAT ( Michael Jordan). I hate the comparisons between players that dominate the game at different times in their careers since basketball is always evolving and the way the game is played steadily changes. For example, you have players like Lebron, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant that have the body build of post players, but they all can easily run every position on the court. For this reason, it is unfair to compare but I do want to give credit where credit is due. So congrats to Lebron on his accomplishment, by no means do I think will be and the Lakers will beat the Warriors to make it to the NBA finals, but the matchup should be entertaining none the less. Now if Deez nuts...I mean Draymond Green start looking like Tory Lanes ( Candian Rapper), then the Lakers Odds increase exponentially. The best part of this scenario would be seeing Kevin Durant get mad and walking off the court. I''m all for a good game, but I like the extra drama too...bring it on!!

*Checkout the video below for the Tory Lanez reference…the the one going skins.