2018 Survivor Series Results

Credit: wwe.com

Credit: wwe.com

The ultimate bragging rights PPV is over. Team RAW won total bragging rights with a 6-0 sweep at Survivor Series, but it wasn’t as bad of a beating as it sounds. The matches, for the most part, were very solid. Going into the PPV, I wasn’t expecting a great showing, but to my surprise they captured my attention and made it very interesting. Survivor Series is a special event due to the brand rivalry and it gives the fans a chance to see matches that we normally do not get to see because of brand limitation. Below are the results of the 2018 Survivor Series PPV.


·     Ten on Ten Tag Team Elimination Match


Team SmackDown over Team RAW


This match was sort of a mess. There was too much going on with virtually nothing going for it. The match meant basically nothing for any of the teams involved. It just gave tag teams that aren’t currently in the title picture a chance at a PPV match. The Usos were the last team standing at the end which sealed the victory for Team SmackDown. This match didn’t count as a victory for the brand however, because it was in the pre-show. 


Grade: 5.5/10



·     5 on 5 Elimination Tag Match – Women


Team Raw over Team SmackDown


The match was decent, but not great. Prior to the match, Nia Jax was welcomed with a flood of boos, which was fully expected. The best performer in the match was Asuka. It is a real shame that she hasn’t won a title yet in her time on the main roster. She has so much natural charisma and talent and it seems it was thrown out the window after her WrestleMania 34 loss to Charlotte Flair. Her matchup with Sasha Banks was a nice touch and might provide insight for a future match possibly. Nia Jax ended the match as the ultimate winner in the end as she won the match for the RAW women. I felt like this match was missing something, but it got the job done. 


Grade: 6.5/10



·     Champion vs. Champion


Seth Rollins over Shinsuke Nakamura


This match did not disappoint the story was told in a timely manner and chemistry between the two performers was as good as we were expecting. The match took a decent amount of time to get started and Nakamura started playing mind games early on in the match. This didn’t seem to faze Rollins at all. The two performers put on a heck of a show and the Intercontinental Champion ended up claiming the victory. The match could’ve easily went either way, which is a testament to the performance the two put on. I was still expecting Dean Ambrose to make an appearance, but it was obvious that it wasn’t necessary. The match was a mid-card match and was downplayed slightly, so it didn’t live up to its full potential.  





·     Champions vs. Champions Tag Team Match


AOP over The Bar


It didn’t really know what to expect in this match. This was the shortest match on the card, it was also the worst match on the card. The team of Akam and Rezar picked up the victory, but the story that this match told was just horrible There really wasn’t much to say about the match. The biggest part of the match was an unplanned ambush by Real 1 aka Enzo Amore to crash the event and cause a disruption. Amore was escorted out of the arena by WWE officials. I don’t miss that guy at all. Also, AOP basically won because their manager peed himself… This was just really bad. Creative really struck out with this one.


Grade: 3/10




·     Cruiserweight Championship Match


Buddy Murphy over Mustafa Ali


This was a very solid match. It didn’t steal the show, but it was a very quality match. I’m glad they decided to book this match later in the card, because the 205 Live guys deserve a chance to get some time in the spotlight. Early on in the match Ali really took a beating, but by the end of the match he got his shots in. Murphy retained the title and it was refreshing to see at least one title defense on the PPV.






·     5 on 5 Elimination Tag Match – Men


Team RAW over Team SmackDown


There was a little bit of back and forth in this match, but honestly it wasn’t as much as I was expecting. I fully expected RAW to take the W in this match, but I was expecting there to be more animosity within the team. There was one time where Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman got into it, but it didn’t really seem to do much to hinder the RAW squad. It was the longest match on the card, but it seemed like it was one-sided. It was odd to see Samoa Joe exit the match so early and Rey Mysterio was the top performer on the SmackDown side. He was much more involved than I expected. Shane McMahon had the highlight of the match with the dive from the top rope to the announce table to temporarily take Braun Strowman out of the match. It still is amazing to see Shane put on such a show, despite not being the most technically sound wrestler. McMahon was the last 

SmackDown superstar eliminated and Team RAW won the match with Strowman, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley still standing. At the end of the match Baron Corbin hit Braun Strowman with a cheap shot, this will provide more heat going into their match. 





·     Women’s Singles Match


Ronda Rousey over Charlotte Flair (DQ)                    *Match of the Night*


My prediction wasn’t too far off on this one. I thought it would end in a no contest, but it was a disqualification. I fully expected this match to be the main event, but it wasn’t necessary, as we’ll get to next. The match itself was great, there was a lot of back and forth action between the two performers. If this match was the one we were going to get at WrestleMania, it would have been an excellent match. Although this wasn’t the match we were supposed to get and as much as I wanted to see Becky Lynch competing at this PPV, I am truly glad we got the privilege to watch this match.  The match was full until Charlotte broke out a kendo stick, which ultimately got her disqualified. Charlotte unleashed fury on Rousey with full intention of proving a point. After a massive barrage of attacks with the kendo stick and steel chair, Charlotte was eventually separated from Rousey. The heel turn was a very nice touch for Charlotte, she is a natural heel and she will thrive in that role. Rousey limped back to the locker room after the match and exited with a crowd of boos. This is concerning for the brand’s top face, but I think this was because the crowd wanted Becky Lynch in the match. For the sake of the WWE, they better of hope so. This match wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t far off. 




Credit: wwe.com

Credit: wwe.com



·     Champion vs. Champion


Brock Lesnar over Daniel Bryan


The first few minutes of this match seemed to be another Brock Lesnar squash win, you could audibly and visually tell that the crowd was not into the match initially. After about 10 minutes of Lesnar’s utter domination, Daniel Bryan started putting up a fight and what came after that was pure gold. I didn’t expect to get anywhere near the quality of a match that was present in the main event last night. We finally got to see Brock Lesnar take bumps and it was incredible!! It was very refreshing to see that Lesnar had the potential to possibly lose a match. I understand that Lesnar’s gimmick is that he is a near unstoppable force, but I don’t understand why we couldn’t get these kind of matches all along. We saw flashes of early 2000’s Brock Lesnar and Bryan deserves a great deal of credit for that. A+ story telling from the two superstars involved. It looks like Lesnar won’t be in another match until the 2019 Royal Rumble, which I hate to see, but I understand his domination is setting another superstar up for a huge push. The only reason that this isn’t the match of the night is because of the very slow and almost painful start to the match.


Grade: 9.2/10