Tough Break For the Redskins

Redskins V. Cowboys.jpg

Washington Redskins suffer a terrible loss as quarterback Alex Smith goes down with a broken leg. The Redskin currently leads the NFC East, but with an Eagles loss and Cowboys win, things start to get very interesting. Washington got off to a good start this season with the acquisition for veteran running back Adrian Peterson. The Redskins travel to AT&T Stadium on Thursday, November 22nd for a 4:25 Thanksgivings day kickoff against the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins are set to play Texas native and veteran quarterback Colt McCoy. On October 28th, 2014 McCoy lead the Redskins to a 20-17 overtime victory over the Cowboys but don’t expect the same to happen this year. Dallas is finally starting to roll with running back Ezekiel Elliot and the addition of wide receiver Amari Cooper. The Cowboys are also coming in as the number 6 defense in the NFL with a very pleasing performance from rookie linebacker Leighton Vander Esch whose been outstanding in the absence of veteran Linebacker Sean Lee who has historically suffered mid-season injuries. From a nonbiased perspective, Cowboys take the win this week, with the only hope the Redskins have of victory is if Jay Gruden knows Marty McFly and they can go back ten seasons and exchange Adrian Petersons...which is a long shot, but it has been known to happen. Just look at Derek Rose going back to his MVP season this past Halloween to drop a 50 piece for the Timberwolves. From a Cowboys fan perspective, we take the win this week! Ain't now way we are letting the Skins get a win on us. We gave a gift earlier this year, but it’s time for payback. Playoffs are back in the cards boys, time to crank up the heat and let ZEKE EAT!

*All that aside, I hope for a full recovery for Alex Smith. I don’t want this to be his last season playing, he is amazing QB and he has done A lot for the league.

*Also if anyone has Marty McFlys number or has a DeLorean DMC-12, let ya boy know. I got somethings I want to go back and change and some bets I want to go back and make.