Song of the Day: Evil Ways (Woodstock)

In keeping with the Woodstock theme for this week, as the 50th anniversary is underway, here is Evil Ways by second day performer Santana. Let’s just put this into perspective of how good the line-up at Woodstock was. Santana was the third performer on the 2nd day that consisted of Grateful Dead, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Janice Joplin, The Who and Jefferson Airplane who all performed later that day. If you could have picked any of the three days based on line-ups it definitely had to be this one. Santana was a band led by none other than guitarist and singer, Carlos Santana. Up until that point, the band hadn’t even released a single album yet as their debut album would be released 2 weeks after Woodstock. I would say that went on to have some success.