Cowboys V. Ezekiel Elliot

 Hawaii? Cowboys Preseason?



I am on my way to Aloha Stadium in Honolulu Hawaii. On Saturday August 17th the Dallas Cowboys will face off again the Los Angelos Rams in their second preseason game of 2019. The cowboys lost their pirates. Preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers but starting quarterback Dak Prescott looked good on his possessions. Of course it is just preseason, but it’s nice to see your team starters firing on all cylinders.  The Cowboys welcome back veteran tightened Jason Witten to the team to create more comfort for Prescott in the pocket, but even with the positive outlook for the 2019 season controversy always seems to rear its ugly head. 


In the latest news Start running back Ezekiel Elliot faced some person conflicts this offseason, but he has also yet to report to the team in an effort to get more money… Let’s talk about it.


How Much Should Running Backs in the NFL be paid?


Of course the answer should be based on a few key factors..


1)   Production

2)   Longevity 

3)   Reliability

4)   Attitude



Has Ezekiel Elliot Produced?


Yes, in his time in the league Zeke has produced and obtain the rushing title 2 out of three year… and he was damn close to a third less the suspensions



How many years does he have left to play?


Zeke is a young RB with a lot to give to the league, but he is a very aggressive running that feeds on contact. How many years can his body take the amount of hits he delivers and receives? This come into question for a lot of running backs since they seemingly have very short NFL careers because of the hits they take. The human body is not meant to sub stain car crash impacts consistently over a long period of time. In this argument Zeke would like to get paid his worth now oppose to later when he may not be able to perform at his best. 



How reliable is Zeke to put the team first and get the job done?


Zeke has some reliability issues that stem from his off field activities. Over his 3 years in he league he has been suspended  6 games which have put the Cowboys in desperate situation to fill his shoes. He also had addition controversy that could potentially lead to more suspense the way the NFL plays detective. The running game is everything for Dallas and when Zeke messes up he puts the whole team pin Jeopardy. Can Jerry afford to pay Zeke his performance worth knowing the amount to off field trouble he is inclined to get in?



What kind of attitude does Zeke have?


Zeke is a beloved player among the Cowboys faithful and he accrued a lot of f Ana during his time at Ohio State. He manage to fire up his fans and piss of his haters with his eating gestures after first down gains. Overall he is a likable person in my books, but he does come off a bit arrogant at times. To be honest you have to show your confidence to get the upper hand on your opponents and it it works. Zeke seems to have earned the respect of Jerry Jones and the cowboys coaching staff along with his teammates as they support him through all his issues. 



Final Thoughts


In my opinion these are the factors that warrant more money. Zeke deserves to get paid, but I don’t think pulling a laveon Bell is the way to go. In my mind it Crete bad Karma and energy with the team. As I type I see Qb Dak Prescott is also seeking 10 million more than his original contract. 


With the amount of money the Cowboys generates Jerry has enough to pay every player what they want, but Jerry is a business man and he will hold on tight to his coins. If it does not make business sense it is not for him, even if it means loosing a player. One of my biggest problems with MY cowboys is how Jerry Jones does everything for money oppose to chasing championships. The players , the coaches, and Jerry need to sit down in open forum and discuss how everyone can benefit including the FANS.


With all that being said I will still enjoy the HELL out of this preseason game because it’s the Cowboys AND I’m in HAWAII….ALOHA!


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