Lil Wayne & Blink 182 Tour...

 Lil Wayne Blink 182 Tour Charlotte NC July 23rd 2019

On July23rd Beno and I attended the Lil Wayne Blink 182 tour in Charlotte NC at the NC music pavilion. This dat was monumental for me since I was able to do things I had not done before.


1)    I was able to see Lil Wayne in person. Blink 182 is great, but I mainly wanted to see them for Travis Barker on the drums.

2)    I attended my first concert at NC music pavilion which is literally.

3)    I sat the closet I have ever been to a stage in a big name concert.

 Best Rapper Alive?

These are just a few of the moments that highlighted the tour. Before arriving at the venue, Beno informed me that weeks earlier Lil Wayne had cut his set short and contemplated quitting the tour. You can image how upset I was to hear this news. I had not followed the tour or and music pop culture news and I was clueless. Lucky for us, Weezy showed up and showed out! Playing some hit songs such as kick the show off with six foot seven foot, A mili , Go DJ,Bedrock and a lot of hits from his mixtapes as well as a dedication to XXX Tentacion( don’t cry..The Carter 5). Wayne even brought out gutta gutta for his verse in bed rock. BUT listen, when Wayne hit that Steady Mobbin LIVE… It hits the soul a different way… making you feel like a real “Goblin”…..


When Wayne took the stage the crowed filled with electricity as he started his set. Weezy, Weezy ,, Weezy the crowed roared… With short intermissions between songs to acknowledge how much love and respect he has for his fans Wayne did a hell of a job in his performance. As music changes and our favorite artist get older, their voices change and even their style in some cases. It was awesome to get to see Weezy live and up close performing some of the best hits to ever grace the rap industry. 


Overall impression of Wayne’s set is amazing. When he left the stage the crowed got ready for Blink 182 and you could sense a slight change in the atmosphere as some people began to leave….

Blink 182 Still Got it?

Those that left early, you all missed out. Blink 182 came out swinging with back to back hits and the crowed went nuts. I’m not sure what it’s called but there were quiet a few people doing that shoving dance in the standing area and I rather enjoyed watching. As aliens floated around Blink promised a show that no one would forget. At one point Travis Barker ( one of the greatest drummers of all time) was strapped into a chair with his drum set going HAMMMM while upside down. I mean can you say talented or what. That had to have been the dopest move I have ever seen. 

I never really listened to Blink when I was younger… at that time it wasn’t really my cup of tea. As I get older my taste in music has evolved and changed in ways I would have never imagined. Experiencing Blink live was quit a treat and I would go back and see them again…Wayne doesn’t even have to be there to be real.. in my opinion I would have to say they still got the juice..

Opening Act: Neck Deep

The concert actually started with a group out of London..Neck Deep… if you haven’t heard these guys give them a listen. They have some very catchy music and they don’t disappoint. After the concert I took it upon myself to go check out their music selection and I recommend you all do the same!

Final Thoughts
The overall concert was amazing, if the tour is coming to a city near you I suggest you stay for the entire show. Even the opening band had some good quality music to get you moving. All in all I would attend this tour again, heck I might attend a Blink 182 concert alone too.  For concerts t the Music Pavilion I would suggest taking an Uber/Lyft for confidence, pregaming (beer is like $12) and seeping on who you are going to see prepare to catch a contact if you know what I mean…. Thank you to everyone who put this tour on to allow f and such as myself to be able to enjoy legends in the music industry. Shout out to Beno for letting me tag long with him. Let us know your thoughts and follow us on Twitter @thesportschief Instagram @thesportschief704 and

J.SCOTT 2019

J.SCOTT 2019