Carmelo Anthony Farewell Season ?

Carmelo Anthony DOES deserve a farewell season when his time comes… Yes, when his time comes, I believe Melo has a lot of game left in him and he should be someone’s roster right NOW.. but, since he has a particular style of play and haven’t meshed well with the last two teams (Thunder and Rockets) no other team wants to give him a chance. Just the other day Melo was denied a role on team USA..This man has lead team USA in scoring and rebounding collecting 3 gold and  bronze medal…, you can not tell m he does not deserve a spot on the roster. “Chris Mannix, Colangelo said he felt it was time to move forward: "I love Carmelo. He made a great contribution. He was a very good international player. But for where we are and what we're doing, that conceivably could have been a distraction”(Mannix,2019).

For those of you that do not know Colangelo is Managing director for USA basketball and express great admiration of Carmelo before making his comments. Colangelo is a businessman and will not make  any decision he feel will hurt team USA business wis….this seems to be the case with many owners in the NBA not wanting to give Melo another chance. 


This mindset is detrimental to the game. Everything is about making more money, which in turn pays more money to the players and Carmelo has been the benefactor a of a lot money over his career. BUT, does this warrant the fact that this man can still out play many 6th man in the league to date and is not able to sign with a team? I’m not in the locker room so I don’t know if there are additional factors such as his role on a new team and pay, but I say give Melo an additional year to prove himself. Once you have hit rock. Bottom there is nowhere else to go but up.  It would seem Melo has reached a maturity about himself where he understands what went wrong and his own personal errors. He understands he could have been part of the big 3 in Miami ( in his prime) ,but chose to follow  the money. Hind sight is always 20/20 so let’s not punish him for his past mistakes. Give Melo a chance and sign this man to a team! 


Originally when I posted about Melo being release from the Rockets last season I thought to myself…. Go ahead and retire , I though we witnessed the end of Carmelo Anthony…. But after hearing Melo’s story and seeing his work ethic and drive change it appears he just hit a bump in the road.  Now not everyone gets this type of redemption in my opinion, but seeing what Carmelo has done for the NBA and Team USA he deserves the chance to chase a title and not the MONEY.. 


My vote goes with Damien Lillard, let Melo play… 


Let me know your thoughts..Agree or Disagree let’s talk it out! 







Chiari, M. (2019). Carmelo Anthony's Request to Play for Team USA Was Rejected by Jerry Colangelo. Retrieved from

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