Song of the Day: Mercury in Retrograde

Happy Friday everyone! For this morning’s song of the day, I kept getting pulled towards the newly released album by Sturgill Simpson called “Sound and Fury”. (No pun intended since the song is about the Mercury in Retrograde) While listening to this album…I was reminded in the first song that this was no typical Sturgill Simpson masterpiece. It has an 80’s “Mega-Man” type sound to some of the songs, while incorporating his country drawl and guitar prowess. I do like it…it shows that Sturgill is taking some risks. It also is released for the promotional introduction of his new anime film called Sound & Fury.

Mercury in Retrograde is actually a phenomenon that happens when Mercury’s orbits is moving backwards compared to the Earth. Check out what the Old Farmers Almanac has to say about this and relax to the sounds of Sturgill Simpson!

P.S. By the way…stay tuned for some cool stuff coming from The Sports Chief! Some of the crew is heading to Europe and I thought this was a good sound-off song as our guys go across the Atlantic.