Pre-European Trip Blog

Photo: RastoS/shutterstock

Photo: RastoS/shutterstock

This weekend is a big weekend for several folks at The Sports Chief as we head out of the country and onto European soil for the first time.  I don’t want to say yet exactly where we’re going, but we will post pictures of our adventures throughout the next week on our social media accounts that will show our sightseeing destinations.  As soon as we get back to the United States, I plan to write several articles and reviews pertaining to our European travel adventures.  We also plan to make a Vlog series to share with you from this trip, so stay tuned.

New content from The Sports Chief might be a little slow while we are gone on our trip, but we promise we will make up for it with trip-related content when we get back.  While we heavily focus on sports here, travel is something we also love to record and share, and we are planning on doing much more of that going forward.  New travel content will be in the form of written articles, reviews, photos, and even vlogs as we learn more creating them.

If you don’t already, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@thesportschief) and Instagram (thesportschief704) to discover all of our latest content.  You can also find everything on our website (  We have some exciting new stuff planned for this fall, beginning with our trip to Europe.  We want everyone to come along for the ride as we try to grow this company to something special.  Especially the folks in and around the Charlotte area and North Carolina because we represent you!  Until next time, we hope you enjoy the rest of your week, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you after Europe.

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