Premier League Round-Up: Matchweek 16

Mid-Week Scores:

Bournemouth 2-1 Huddersfield

Brighton 3-1 Crystal Palace

West Ham 3-1 Cardiff

Watford 1-2 Man City

Burnley 1-3 Liverpool

Fulham 1-1 Leicester

Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

Everton 1-1 Newcastle

Tottenham 3-1 Southampton

Man United 2-2 Arsenal


Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool

Cardiff 1-0 Southampton

West Ham 3-2 Crystal Palace

Man United 4-1 Fulham

Burnley 1-0 Brighton

Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield

Chelsea 2-0 Man City

Leicester 0-2 Tottenham

Newcastle 1-2 Wolves

Everton vs Watford Monday @ 3PM

Liverpool Are The Only Remaining Undefeated Team

Just two weeks ago there was still 3 teams without a loss in the Premier League and now we have just 1, granted it was basically unheard of to have that many teams still without a loss this late into the season. Well, Chelsea were the first to fall against Tottenham two weeks ago and this weekend it was Chelsea on the other side of the result handing the brilliant Manchester City their first loss. Chelsea shutout Man City 2-0 in kind of shocking result. Look I’m a Chelsea fan, but I definitely didn’t expect much going into this game and I would have been pleased with a draw. City dominated the 1st half but Chelsea were able to hit on the counter just before half time and then add another from a set piece in the 2nd half.

High Flyin Liverpool  Photo Credit: Liverpool FC

High Flyin Liverpool

Photo Credit: Liverpool FC

So that leads us to Liverpool who are the only undefeated team left and who added 2 wins this week, both in convincing fashion. Up until this week I was all on board Man City going back to back for the title, and 1 loss to Chelsea isn’t going to change that. But this is the first week where I’m starting to think that Liverpool might challenge for the title. Liverpool continue to impress defensively and with Mo Salah starting to hit top form this could be a shootout for the title. Big game ahead for Liverpool this weekend as they face Man United at home this Sunday. Chelsea are away at Brighton and Man City are home against Everton.

How Clutch Have Arsenal Been?

It feels like every single weekend I’m checking the scores mid way through the 2 half of games and Arsenal always seem to be struggling. And every single time I get happy at the thought of Arsenal dropping points only for them to score in the last minutes of the game and turn around the result. This weekend was just one of many examples, Arsenal was home against a team fighting against relegation in Huddersfield and they squeak a goal out in the 83rd minute to win. That is the 5th time in just 16 games that Arsenal has scored a game winning or game tying goal after the 80th minute. 4 wins and a tie that very easily could have never been. Arsenal are away at Southampton this Sunday.

Fulham Are Historically Bad Defensively

Alfie Mawson defender for Fulham  Photo Credit: Cottagers Confidential

Alfie Mawson defender for Fulham

Photo Credit: Cottagers Confidential

I think that we can all agree that when we think of one of the worst teams in Premier League history that the 07/08 Derby County squad is right up there at the top and you’d have to make a argument for anyone other than Derby taking that crown. That Derby County team not only holds the record for fewest goals scored with 20 goals in their 38 games, they also set the record for most goals allowed with 89. Not surprisingly they also finished with the lowest points total ever with 11. Derby County has been in the Championship (Basically Triple A for those who don’t follow soccer) ever since that 07-08 season until Frankie Lamps guides them back to promotion this year.

So why am I bring this Derby County team up? This Fulham team is far superior to that team having already scored 16 goals in just 16 games. Fulham actually rank 14th in goals scored this season, so not the worst. This Fulham team also has 9 pts already, so they only need 2 more in their next 22 games to tie Derby County’s record. The reason I’m bringing them up is due to how terrible Fulham are defensively. That Derby team allowed the most goals ever in a 38 game season with 89, so with just 16 games into the season and having already allowed 40 goals, Fulham are currently on pace to allow 95 goals. Fulham are a mid table team if they could figure out their defense. Having already spent big this past summer one has to wonder if they will reach deeper into their pockets and bring in some defenders in the January transfer window. Some easy matches mixed in for Fulham as they finish out the calendar year with West Ham, Newcastle, Wolves and Huddersfield.

Other Notes

  • The rumors are really starting to heat up surrounding Eden Hazard leaving Chelsea this summer for Real Madrid. Not sure what direction Chelsea would go if they ended up losing Hazard. At least they would be flush with cash. Maybe bring back Thorgan Hazard?

  • Midweek we have the final matches of the group stage in Champions League. Man City and Man United are already through to the Rd of 16. Tottenham need a result and they play Barcelona, so that is going to be anything but easy. Liverpool need to beat Napoli and will also need a little bit of help.

  • In Europa League Chelsea and Arsenal are both top of the table and already through to the next round.

  • How about the fact that Glenn Murray has scored 8 goals so far and is currently tied for 4th for most goals scored in the Premier League. Glenn Murray has to be like 40, right? Turns out he’s only 35 but that’s still pretty impressive. The next person above the age of 30 that is on the list is David Silva who’s 32 and has 5 goals.

  • Sarri is so fed up with Chelsea’s strikers, Morata and Giroud, that he didn’t even start a striker in the game vs Man City and look how that turned out.

  • Tottenham still haven’t tied so far in the Premier League and are the only team not to do so. Tottenham have 4 losses which is the same amount as Manchester United who sit 10 pts and 3 spots behind Tottenham in 6th place. All other 19 teams have at least 2 draws.