Do Bears Have Best Defense in NFL?

Written by: Garett

Photo Cred: USA Today

Photo Cred: USA Today

If you’ve watched the Bears throughout this season, you know they have an absolutely ferocious defense.  Led by Khalil Mack, whom they acquired from the Raiders before the season, the Bears have so many weapons that will make life miserable for any offense.  Last night’s game was a case in point.  Da Bears held the third top scoring offense, the 11-1 Los Angeles Rams, to just two field goals for the entire Sunday Night Football game.  I actually had the Rams as my number one team on this week’s power rankings, after looking so good all year long.  But Todd Gurley and company came into Chicago last night and ran into the most tenacious defense in the NFL.

The Bears offense can sometimes get on a roll and look very dangerous, but last night was not one of those nights.  It didn’t matter.  Quarterback Mitch Trubisky had three interceptions, but the defense had his back and won this game.  Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio had his team firing on all cylinders as they held the Rams to just 214 yards and six points.  They intercepted star quarterback Jared Goff four times, sacked him three times, forced him to fumble once, and sacked him for a safety to start the 3rd quarter.  He, along with the rest of the Rams offense, was distraught.

The Bears currently rank third in the NFL in points allowed per game, at 19, while the Ravens and Cowboys allow 18.5 and 18.9 respectively.  There’s no denying the Ravens and Cowboys both have great defenses, but if I’m an offensive coordinator, the last team I want to see is the Chicago Bears.  They have the most electrifying defense and can beat you in so many different ways on that side of the ball.  They rank 1st in interceptions (leading 2nd place by 6), 1st in defensive touchdowns, 3rd in total yards allowed per game, 4th in forced fumbles, and 4th in sacks.

While the Bears have been considered a good team all year long, last night they solidified their position as legitimate Super Bowl contenders.  Like so many great Bears teams of the past, this one relies on their stellar defense.  They are no ’85 Bears, but they are really dangerous.  If the offense can be more consistent going forward, this could easily be a top three team in the NFL.  But for now, you have to concede the fact that the Bears have the best defense in the game.