The Kansas City Chiefs Just Released Kareem Hunt.....

So earlier today video was released of an incident from back in February of Kareem Hunt in a physical altercation with a female. Here’s the video.

So this video came out around 2 or 3 o’clock this afternoon and it took the 9-2 Kansas City Chiefs about 6 hrs to not only discipline Hunt but to release him from their team. Yes, you read that right, the Chiefs have released The Kareem Hunt and placed him on waivers. Talk about a drastic, sudden move, and one that I feel the Chiefs and most of their fan base will regret. Don’t get me wrong, what Kareem Hunt did was way over the line and he should be punished as you should never assault a female, but it doesn’t even come close to what Joe Mixon or Ray Rice or a hand full of other NFLers have done (Seriously though how hard its it to keep your hands off a female?). I was honestly expecting a 1 or 2 game suspension but cutting him outright is shocking. Stay tuned though because it’s going to be really interesting to see which team picks him up. I mean Reuben Foster just got picked up by the Redskins earlier this week and he’s had multiple assault incidents so you better believe that a top 3 running back in the league gets picked up and will automatically make whatever team gets him a lot better. I kind of hope the Pats do. In the end, this was a shocking move that i don’t think anybody saw coming. It is really going to hinder the Chiefs heading into playoffs and that’s a shame considering they are one of the Super Bowl favorites for the first time in forever.

Also, how about the Chiefs cutting Kareem Hunt but keeping Tyreek Hill who was arrested in 2014 for punching and chocking his pregnant girlfriend, an offense that’s a thousand times worse than Hunt’s.