College Football Championship Saturday Preview

Tomorrow is championship Saturday in the college football world, which means conference championships taking place all over the country.  It’s always a day that brings so much excitement with so much riding on the line in every game.  Here is my preview/predictions for some of the bigger games (minus the Pac 12 Championship because it just finished; congrats Washington Huskies!)

Big 12 Championship

#14 Texas (9-3) vs. #5 Oklahoma (11-1)

Photo Cred: Sports Illustrated

Photo Cred: Sports Illustrated

The Big 12 Championship game is set to be a shootout, just like the first time these two teams met when Texas upset Oklahoma 48-45 in an absolute thriller.  The Big 12 doesn’t believe in defense, but has a lot of offense to make up for it.  Nobody in the country has an offense as threatening as the Sooners do.  Led by quarterback and Heisman candidate Kyler Murray, the Sooners can put up some points in a hurry.  Oklahoma has only lost one game all year, and that was the one to the Longhorns.  Since, they are 6-0.  Texas, on the other hand, has lost two since that game to West Virginia and Oklahoma State.  Oklahoma is the better overall team and will be looking for revenge against their rival.  I don’t think Texas will play the perfect game that will be necessary to win and Oklahoma will come away from this one champions.  Prediction: Oklahoma 47, Texas 38


SEC Championship

#1 Alabama (12-0) vs. #4 Georgia (11-1)

This is usually one of the best games of the year, but Alabama has been so overwhelming to every team this year that I’m not sure this one will be that exciting.  And Georgia is easily one of the best teams in the country.  Georgia’s only loss on the season came at the hands of LSU, who beat them by 20 points.  Alabama beat that same LSU team in Death Valley 29-0.  The disparity between Alabama and the rest of the SEC teams is real.  Sorry Kirby Smart, but you’re not beating your former team.  Alabama will win this game and go on to win yet another national championship in January.  Prediction: Alabama 34, Georgia 21


ACC Championship

#2 Clemson (12-0) vs. Pittsburgh (7-5)

This is without a doubt the least interesting conference championship game that will be played.  Clemson has transformed into a powerhouse these last several years and has some of the most talented players in the country.  Quarterback Trevor Lawrence (who is my favorite quarterback in college right now because he is Sunshine from Remember the Titans) is a star and will be a future top quarterback in the NFL.  And Pittsburgh…..there’s not really much to say about Pittsburgh, except that they won a weak, weak ACC Coastal Division.  UNC was one of the worst teams I’ve seen play football this year and even they beat Pittsburgh.  This game is a result of the ACC having a down year in football.  Besides Clemson, nobody is really that good.  This game will be an absolute bloodbath.  Prediction: Clemson 48, Pittsburgh 17


Big Ten Championship

#21 Northwestern (8-4) vs. #6 Ohio State (11-1)

This game is a lot like the ACC Championship matchup, just not quite as bad.  Ohio State is doing Ohio State things this year by going 11-1, and Northwestern is who they get rewarded with in the championship game?  The system desperately needs to change because these are not the two best teams in the conference.  The championship game shouldn’t have to be teams from opposite sides of the conference because then we end up with this.  I would rather see a rematch with Michigan.  I’d rather see them play Penn State.  But oh well.  Northwestern is not a bad team by no means.  They do have a few bad losses (Duke, Akron), but they have some good wins too (Michigan St, Wisconsin, Iowa).  The fact of the matter is they are not ready for Ohio State.  The Buckeyes are a powerhouse and they will do what powerhouses do to teams like Northwestern: win big.  Prediction: Ohio State 44, Northwestern 23