Someone call EPA , DC films is at it again. Every year they continue to liter the movie industry with their garbage movie and I sick and  tired of it. DC has some great characters that deserve a better representation than what’s currently being produced. The latest trash schedule to hit theaters is Shazam April 5, 2019… yes that’s right Shazam. For those of you that do not know, Shazam is Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel is Shazam. Back in the early days (60’s) there was a legal battle between DC and Marvel for the rights to Captain Marvel aka Shazam. The end resulted in there  now being a Captain Marvel for Marvel and Shazam for DC but it is in fact the same character. Over the years there have been several to dawn the mantle of Captain Marvel /Shazam , but this new movie takes it back to the origins with young Billy Babtson. Marvel will also be releasing their version of the film in March 2018 but the story arch will be on Carol Danvers another to dawn the mantle. Personally I’m all for the origin story with Billy Babtson……….BUT the way DC releases  hot  garbage I will be going in with very low expectations. There is no doubt the Carol Danvers Marvel version will be much better, but don’t get your hopes up to high for the story line either. In other news …WAKANDA FOREVER.