C'Mon Draymond

deeznuts draymond.jpg

First of all, Draymond look like my man Deez Nuts.....tell me I'm wrong. Secondly, why in the hell are you trying to run the fast break when KD standing right beside in the backcourt? You are not the STAR Draymond, you are the 5th option on the court.... Next time KD see you ignoring him calling for the ball he going to LEAVE.. and I don't blame him. He going to pull a LAbron and walk right on out Oracle arena. That's only going to leave the warriors with a...well still a superstar team, but that's not the point. Know your role Draymond and stick to it. Make the hustle plays, take the cheap shots, and pass the ball to KD, Steph, Clay..hell anyone but yourself in a last-second situation. That's all I have to say on that one.

Shoutout fakesportcenter for creating the meme, y’all already know…