Thanny’s Thoughts: NFL Week 10

At Pittsburgh -4 vs Carolina

This may seem like a tough line for the Steelers until you realize its color rush football and the Steelers are wearing all black. Yeah, give me the Steelers every day of the week. Cam Newton and the Panthers have been overachieving and we all know it.

At NY Jets -7.5 vs Buffalo

Stellar quarterback matchup coming at you this week in what is obviously the most must watch 1 pm game on the slate. Will we see another Nathan Peterman appearance or will we see the return of Josh Allen? Either way give me the NY Jets and whatever McCown brother is starting in place of the injured Darnold. Trust me, I’m as shocked as you that I just took the New York Football Jets to cover a game by more than a touchdown.

Atlanta -4 vs At Cleveland

The Browns may have finally fired Hue Jackson, but they still stink out loud. On the other hand, Atlanta is on the up an up winning their last 3 games, albeit it was against Tampa, Giants and Washington. This Atlanta team is back to .500 and chasing a playoff spot, I’ll take the Falcons in this one.

New Orleans -4.5 vs At Cincinnati

Is Marvin Lewis still the coach of the Bengals? Okay, then take the Saints. Yeah, yeah I know the Bengals are 5-3 but do we really think that they can hang with this Saints offense who just added another weapon in Dez Bryant? Saints with the easy cover in this game.

At Tampa Bay -2.5 vs Washington

While I am huge fan of Fitzmagic along with the rest of football fans with a brain, I’m not a huge fan of the Bucs in this game. I do believe it’s gonna be a close game and the Redskins barely squeak out the win on the road.

New England -7 vs At Tennessee

While I’m not superstitious, I’m a little stitious and I hate betting on the Pats when the spread is more than 4 or 5 due to the obvious jinx it places on your team but I think I have to take the Pats. The Pats offense didn’t miss a beat last week against the Packers without both Gronk and Michel. Josh Gordon has been a huge addition to the Pats offense and expect Belichick to torch this Titans defense by targeting Malcolm Butler.

At Green Bay -9 vs Miami

Green Bay is under .500 so they are 1 million percent winning this game. Just not covering it. Prediction: Green Bay comes out hot and get a 2 td lead but doesn’t put the Dolphins away and lets them hang around and cover. Don’t doubt the Brocketship.

At Indianapolis -3 vs Jacksonville

Jacksonville can’t be this bad, right? Not only has Bortles regressed from last season, the defense is helping as of late giving up more than 20 pts in the last 4 weeks. The Jags are 3-5 and this seems to be a hole that Jalen Ramsey can’t trash talk his way out of. But…..all things said, I like the Jags this weekbecause in the end my mind won’t let me believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars are this bad.

At Chicago -6.5 vs Detroit

These are the must win games on the Bears’ schedule if they are to show us that they’re legit contenders in the NFC North. Believe it or not the Bears could very easily be 7-1 had they not chocked away the games against the Packers and the Dolphins. I like the Bears to win in what should be a close game, but I like the Lions to cover.

At Kansas City -16.5 vs Arizona

SIXTEEN AND A HALF?!? I know its Arizona and Josh Rosen has looked horrendous but give me the points. Anytime you get a spread in the NFL above 10 you have to seriously consider the underdog and anytime you get a spread in the NFL more than 14 points, you take the spread every single time, no matter who’s playing. It’s just common sense.

LA Chargers -9.5 vs At Oakland

The Chargers are a very good football team and I believe everybody would be shocked if they don’t win this football but 9.5 pts to me is too tall of a task. The Raiders are arguably the worst team in football but this is a division game I don’t think they get blown out this week.

At LA Rams -10 vs Seattle

I’ve went with the underdog the last 5 games and that streak will continue. I believe everybody expects the Rams to bounce back after losing their first game of the season last week and I agree, but I just take the Rams when Russell Wilson is at +10.

At Philadelphia -6 vs Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys are a circus and Jerry Jones has lost his mind. Apparently Garrett’s job is safe and secure which it’s a borderline miracle that Jason Garrett has somehow managed to keep his job for as long as he has. He’s been the coach in Dallas since 2010 and only has 1 more playoff win than Marvin Lewis, which equates to 1 playoff win. Coming off the shellacking from the Tennessee Titans this past Monday, expect much of the same from the Eagles. We are all just waiting for the Eagles of last year to show up and this could be the week

At San Francisco -3 vs NY Giants

Nothing scream primetime Monday night football quite like this matchup. The 2-7 49ers with their 3rd string qb in Nick Mullens take on the 1-7 NY Giants whose only bright spot on the team is rookie Saquon Barkley. Nick Mullens lit it up in his first career start last week against the Oakland Raiders which is exactly why I like the NY Giants winning this game and Mullens coming back down to earth.

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