Jimmy Buckets to the 76ers ...He's the Missing Piece

Jimmy Butler headed to the 76ers is one of the best moves made so far this season. 76ers are not contenders to take the eastern conference with the biggest threat I see is the Raptors. Butler, Simmons, and Embid are going to be the big 3 to watch in the east. The only move I say that would be better than the signing of Butler would be the trade of Markelle Fultz.  I mean this dude has been trash since going number 1 in the 2017 NBA draft. I have seen some terrible shooting in the league, but if it comes to Shaq shooting a 3 pointer or Fultz...Shaq gets the green light... The only thing harder than watching Fultz play is trying to get Shawn Marion jump shot down on NBA 2k 12... This pick has haunted the 76ers for the past few years after they passed on players like Lonzo Ball, Jayson Tatum, Dennis Smith Jr., and Donovan Mitchell who have all blossomed to well round players. In a draft full of talent and potential the 76ers selected Jackie Moon... I mean, Markelle Fultz and it is about time they make up for that mistake. Butler joins the team average 21 points per game in the 18-19 season and that number will likely increase. I am here for this move and I predict the 76ers will take the east.