Song of the Day: Let it All Be

Happy Friday everyone!! Today’s song of the day will be by an artist that has been featured before. The Melvins are that group. As you all may know…Buzz Osborne (Guitar and Lead) and Dale Crover (Drummer) of The Melvins grew up with Kurt Cobain…and were even in a band together called Fecal Matter. Albeit The Melvins didn’t rise to super-stardom…they could play just as well. Their music doesn’t have much meaning to it, so “Let it All Be” Is interesting…you could pretty much make your own opinion on what the song actually means. The featured video is from a live recording via 1999, when the album “The Bootlicker” was released. These guys from Washington were talented, and the history roots of the underground rock bands from that Aberdeen-esque area run deep. Well, that’s my history lesson for the day. Enjoy the song and no matter how crazy your weekend may become…Just Let it All Be.