Song of the Day: What'd I Say

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means. A Song of the Day selection from Yacs. Most of my music I feel like is from at least 50 years ago and you’re getting another one today. I think it is fascinating to travel back to these time to see what was not only important in popular culture, but to get an inside look into the minds of some of the best musicians in history. Today’s Song of the Day comes from one of the most, if not the most, popular R&B artist of all-time. About this time 60 years ago, this song was probably being played everywhere where an R&B station could be reached. “What’d I Say” was released in 1959 and a few months later, Charles released an album with the same name. Charles mentioned that the song was kind of accidental and that it was basically an improvised song to fill time at a concert. This is a peppy soul song that was listed as the 10th best song of all-time according to Rolling Stone, I hope you enjoy it.