Premier League Preview 2019-20: Tottenham

Tottenham Football Club

Credit: Tottenham FC

Credit: Tottenham FC

2018-19 Premier League Finish: 4th place

2019-20 Premier League Prediction: 3rd place

Transfers In:

Tanguy Ndombele MF - Lyon £55,000,000

Jack Clarke FW - Leeds United £10,000,000

Transfers Out:

Kieran Trippier DF - Atletico Madrid £20,000,000

Vincent Janssen FW - C.F. Monterrey £6,300,000

Fernando Llorente FW - Free Agent

Michel Vorm GK - Free Agent

Oh Tottenham. What a position they’ve found themselves in as a club when they have the best chance of any team outside of Manchester City and Liverpool to win the title. Tottenham finished 4th place last season but believe it or not there were a few chances when they looked to challenge for first place. Tottenham briefly hopped in second place at the halfway point in January, overtaking eventual champions Manchester City but an awful run of form to end the season not only pushed them back to 3rd but to 4th place. To put things in perspective, Tottenham won only 3 of their final 12 matches. And they only had 2 draws in their as well, so they ended up losing 7 of their final 12 games. Had this been the start to the season last year, there’s a good chance that Pochettino would have been fired. Instead Tottenham are entering their 6th season under head coach Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino has done a really good job as coach but at the same time, he’s won absolutely nothing as coach. All he has to show for himself is a Football League Cup runner-up and a Champions League runner up. Still despite the lack of hardware, the one thing that Pochettino does have going for him is consistent finishes. In his 5 seasons with the club, only his first season did Tottenham fail to finish in the top 4. Before that Tottenham had only finished top 4, 2 times in the last decade. Worst case scenario for Tottenham this season is probably 6th. The team is way too talented and would have to lose a few significant players to injury or transfers to fall below that. Best case scenario for Tottenham is winning the title. Granted it’s a very slim chance, but hey at least I’m telling you that you have a chance.


Harry Kane  Credit: Goal

Harry Kane

Credit: Goal

While I could easily give it to Tottenham’s attacking midfield, which is loaded with players like Christian Erikson, Lucas Moura, Dele Alli and Son Hueng-Min, I’m going to give it to their striker position, which is played by pretty much one player only. His name is Harry Kane and he’s probably a top 3 striker in the world. At 26 yrs old, Kane has already bagged 125 Premier League goals and had it not been for injury keeping him out of 10 games last season, would have had 5 consecutive seasons of 20+ goals. Harry Kane finished last year with only 17 goals, which is still good but as I said, Kane is on a different level. The season before in 2017-18, Kane finished the season with a goal tally of 30 goals. Kane has won the Premier League Golden Boot 2 times already and I have him winning it a third time this season with 27 goals. Tottenham are a talented team all around but when they have a healthy, firing on all cylinders Harry Kane in their line-up, he’s the one who gives this team the outside chance at the title.


Fernando Llorente  Credit: Tottenham Blog

Fernando Llorente

Credit: Tottenham Blog

While I’m going with Tottenham’s striker as their number 1 strength, I’m going with their striker depth as their number 1 weakness. Tottenham surely have to bring somebody else in before the end of this transfer window, otherwise they are going to head into this season with essentially 1 striker and a winger/attacking midfielder who can also play striker in Hueng-Min. The back-ups that they did have were sold or released. I know that Janssen and Llorente weren’t the best strikers in the world, but you already have that. Either one of those guys, especially Llorente, would be a respectful back-up. Llorente is currently unsigned, granted he’s rumored to potentially be headed to Italy, so it makes no sense why they aren’t going and snatching him up. Even if they do bring in another striker, Llorente could be the 3rd choice striker, which is the depth that most teams have. But no, not Tottenham, they have 1 striker and apparently that’s all that they think they need. Maybe they have some academy kid that they can pull out of a hat, kind of like they did with Kane.

Top Goalscorer Predictions:

Harry Kane: 27 goals

Son Heung-Min: 13 goals

Dele Alli: 8 goals

Home Kit: Solid kit. They didn’t try anything different and ruin the jersey. Hard to go wrong with a white and navy kit.

Credit: FootyHeadlines

Credit: FootyHeadlines

Away Kit: Not bad, but pretty boring. Not a big fan of the checkered pattern on the chest. Could have added some white on the coller or sleeves.

Credit: FootyHeadlines

Credit: FootyHeadlines