Song of the Day: Tear it Up


Since we’ve had a little squabble between AustYn and Randy over the last couple of days regarding our childhood, I want to set the record straight and defend my honor. On Friday, the Song of the Day came from the Madden 2005 soundtrack and yesterday, the Song of the Day came from NFL Street. Today’s Song of the Day will be from the best game that the EA Sports BIG franchise ever released, NFL Street 2. What set this game apart from the original was the ability to execute wall moves. I was the master of the wall moves and many times this would make AustYn and Randy mad at me. I would say don’t hate the player, hate the game, but it is virtually impossible to hate NFL Street 2. The Song of the Day is “Tear it Up” by Yung Wun feat. DMX, Lil’ Flip, and David Banner. This song takes me back, not only because I used to tear it up on NFL Street 2, but more importantly because it provided great memories. Enjoy your Sunday Chief Nation.