Song of the Day: Revolve

Happy Friday and post-America Day!! This song is for those who have to continue the grind and work today and into the weekend. The Melvins were founded in 1983 and have been rocking out (mainly on the west coast) ever since. Mainstream rock…they are not…but for those who like grungy and hard-hitting sound, I feel like this is your group! If you happen to watch any videos on these guys…they definitely show that they just love music and that’s about it, definitely not a fame and fortune driven band. Their drummer Dale Crover, was actually a drummer for Nirvana for a brief period of time and even played drums on many of Nirvana’s song in studio. Revolve is a song that well…doesn’t really have a meaning but has an awesome beat and it showcases The Melvins extreme talent for playing music. I will also attach a live version of the song, just so you can see King Buzzo (lead vocals and guitar) and The Melvins tear it up!

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