Song of the Day: Simple Things

I decided to shake things up a little bit this week. This song was not a song that was released to the public, but it was on a TV show that i’m sure a lot of us grew up watching. From the animated TV show Hey Arnold, “Mr Hyunh Goes Country” aired on September 2nd, 1998. In this episode, Arnold and Gerald discover Mr. Hyunh, who is Arnold’s boarding neighbor, as a great undiscovered country musician. He becomes popular locally and he even performed at The Great Ole Opry, but ultimately didn’t want a bunch of publicity. The singing voice for Mr. Hyunh is Randy Travis and I think it is amazing how a song written specifically for an animated Nickelodeon show is somehow better than the majority of current country music. So on this Sunday morning, sit back and enjoy the simple things in life.

*A couple months ago, our Founder Garett wrote an article about Mickey Kaline, who was a character on the show Hey Arnold. If you guys haven’t read it, check it out here.