WWE Power Rankings: Week of May 23rd

With Money in the Bank finished with and a week of programming, the WWE has a fresher perspective. Also on RAW, there was an introduction of a new championship. It is called the 24/7 Championship and title changes can happen anytime and anywhere as long as there is a referee present. I really like this concept, because it is similar to the Attitude Era’s Hardcore Championship, but the belt doesn’t look that great. Hopefully it will grow on me, but I really like that superstars that aren’t feature will get a chance to appear on TV. Both shows were decent this week, but not spectacular. It seems like a weekly occurrence, but it is understandable at the moment. Here is a look at this week’s Top 10.





-      10: Becky Lynch (7)




The Man lost one title this Sunday, but is still a very important part of the WWE. She won her tag team matches on both RAW and SmackDown this week and even though the SmackDown title is in different hands, the new wildcard rule allows her to keep competing on blue brand. We’re still not sure who she will defend her RAW title against at the next PPV, but it looks like she has every intention of regaining the title she lost.





-      9: The Revival (NR)




Despite having some of the worst segments on RAW the last few weeks, they couldn’t have been featured any better this week. They had a match with The Usos and won the bout. The tag team division has been an afterthought for the last few years, so hopefully we see more matches like we saw on Monday from The Revival, rather than the last few weeks.





-      8: Ali (NR)




He and Andrade had a stellar match on Tuesday. He was the winner of the match and it appears that he may be next in line for a big push. This is surprisingly Ali’s first time in the Top 10 this year. It looks like he won’t be in the going for the WWE Championship just yet, but I think Ali will be in the title picture in the near future. 





-      7: Dolph Ziggler (NR)


Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been on a WWE program since the last Royal Rumble, but he appeared on SmackDown this week to attack Kofi Kingston. The timing is interesting, because many thought that he could be on his way out, but it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere. It looks like he will be facing Kofi Kingston in Saudi Arabia in a couple weeks, so that should be a fun match. Ziggler is one of the most talented superstar in the company and it will be interesting to see what is next for the veteran.





-      6: Seth Rollins (NR)




Rollins wasn’t featured too much this week, but he retained his title at Money in the Bank and was on the winning side of a tag team match in the main event of RAW. The next contender for his championship was not revealed on this week’s shows, but I expect his next opponent will be known by next Monday.





-      5: Roman Reigns (10)


The Big Dog looked especially strong in this week’s competition. He had a squash match where he beat Elias on Sunday and he beat him again in their rematch on Tuesday. He will be facing Shane McMahon at Super Show-Down, which is not really that intriguing to me, but I’m sure they will find a way to keep it interesting over the next couple weeks. 





-      4: Shane McMahon (5)


Shane McMahon has been featured a lot lately. He was probably the most featured person on WWE programming this week. He said his feud with The Miz is over, but it appears there is more to tell with that story unfortunately. I don’t know what’s next after his match with Roman, but it looks like he isn’t going away anytime soon. 





-      3: Bayley (NR)


The former hugger had a big week. She won the Money in the Bank briefcase and successfully cashed it in on the same night. She is now the SmackDown Women’s Champion and will look to fend off a tough SmackDown Women’s division. She teamed with Becky Lynch on Tuesday and the team beat Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans. It’s clear to see she is benefitting from being away from Sasha Banks and moving to a different brand. This is her first SmackDown Women’s Championship reign and her second Women’s Championship reign total. She may face Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair for the title next, but we will see. 





-      2: Brock Lesnar (NR)




The surprise that has everyone in the WWE Universe torn. Some people liked the surprise entry of Brock Lesnar into the Money in the Bank ladder match, but many disliked that he is getting another shot like this. Lesnar’s win has people puzzled, but as far as future implications go, he had the biggest week among all of the WWE superstars and the only reason he isn’t number one is because he didn’t have matches on RAW or SmackDown. He’s scheduled to be in Saudi Arabia in a couple weeks, but it isn’t clear what kind of match he will be in. The more I think about, having Lesnar win the briefcase is a great thing, because he was competing on a limited basis anyway, so if they do it right it could take some attention away from him and give other superstars a chance at the spotlight. This would only work if he keeps the briefcase for a long period of time though. 





-      1: Kofi Kingston (4)


kofi raw520.jpg

It was difficult to choose a number one this week, but it is clear that Kofi Kingston is a big-time player. I like that they are actually giving him a chance. This just proves that you don’t need a go-to guy to be a champion. Kofi has never been considered ‘the guy’ and that is why he is so over at the moment. Kofi is set to face Dolph Ziggler at Super Show-Down and I would think that it is an early favorite for Match of the Night.