MLB DraftKings Tips for 4/18/19 (Early Slate)

Photo Credit: Washington Post

Photo Credit: Washington Post

The early slate for DK consists of 4 games. Finding value is important and we will be implementing a tournament style strategy. In order for us to win a tourney, we have to go against the grain in some areas, so hopefully one of our hitters will strike gold. Pitching is important and if you pick the wrong one, it means you more than likely lost out on some green. Let’s do this!




The top two pitchers I will be using are Patrick Corbin ($10,300) and Ivan Nova ($7,200). These two pitchers will be facing the 29th and 30th ranked team in terms of Batting Average. Corbin has shown that he can strike out 7+ guys per outing and even though he is the highest priced option, he is well worth it. Nova on the other hand is facing the worst hitting team in the Detroit Tigers. Nova is traditionally a groundball pitcher…and because of this, I think he is a safe option.




Stacking the Atlanta Braves is never a bad idea and Ozzie Albies ($4,500) is a great anchor. The young Brave has been making hard contact as of late and seems to have found his groove. Pair Albies with Josh Donaldson ($4,200) and this makes for a lethal combo. Luke Weaver has been pitching okay as of late but is rather hittable overall. CJ Cron ($4,000) is an interesting pick against Clay Bucholz of Toronto. I traditionally pick against Clay just because he was practically batting practice in Boston. He doesn’t get many strikeout’s and Cron is coming around on his swing with a couple homers here lately. 




Juan Soto ($4,700) will be my anchor outfielder for this slate. Soto is coming off of a game with a home run, and I believe he will start to heat up soon. I love picking players who are coming off of a home run, as sometimes you strike gold with EV. Drew Pomeranz will be the opposing pitcher, which makes for a lefty/righty matchup. Rounding this outfield out, I have Eloy Jiménez ($3,800). Getting a bat like Jiménez at this price is outstanding. I understand he has not been hitting that well this season, but in terms of conservation, this sub $4K batter could reward you with major point upside. Detroit has been pitching pretty well this season, but I fully expect that to subside and maybe it’ll be today. 


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