AEW Power Rankings: Week of October 10th

Week 2 of the new show happened last night and the show just keeps adding layers. This is a great sign for the show moving forward, but at this point, my biggest concern is the rule set of AEW. Refs seemingly only interfere when they see fit and it is kind of weird for the viewer, because we don’t know what is actually legal and illegal. Hopefully things start to get cleared up when they get settled in. The action so far has been great and ratings appear to be looking good as well compared to NXT. Here are the rankings for this week’s action.





-      5: Jon Moxley (NR)




Moxley made his Dynamite debut and his impact was immediately felt. Moxley is such a big-time performer and he will shine in an AEW setting. His current feud with Kenny Omega is an interesting one and PAC interrupting the action was interesting to see as well. Moxley defeated Shawn Spears last night and I think after Cody gets a shot at Jericho, I think Moxley is next in line for the AEW title. I’d say Moxley is probably one of my favorites in current AEW competition, because he is so different from anyone else and the fact that he has something to prove gives him an extra edge.




-      4: MJF (4)




MJF makes another appearance in the Top 5 and is the only singles competitor to do so in back-to-back weeks. He made an appearance at the end of the show to help his friend Cody after he was attacked by AEW’s newest faction. His impact was strong and it appears that he is a good guy, for now. He surely will have a feud with his good friend and I think it will be awesome when it happens. There is so much potential with MJF and it will be interesting to see his development moving forward. 




-      3: Darby Allin (NR)


I was a little surprised to see Allin getting a title shot this early, but he put on a solid match with Jimmy Havoc. He and Havoc are similar performers and they both worked well together last night, but it was Darby Allin that picked up the win and earned himself a match with Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship next week on Dynamite. I’m excited to see how he matches up with Jericho next week, although I’m not counting on a win. 




-      2: Private Party (NR)


With the shocker of the night, the award goes to Private Party. In the first round of the AEW Tag Team Championship tournament, Private Party faced off with the odds-on favorite Young Bucks. Nobody expected The Young Bucks to lose this contest and up until the end, I still expected the Bucks to win, but it was a great shock. Private Party is a great team and they have a great deal to offer the tag team division. This match kicked off Dynamite last night and stole the show. We’ll see if their momentum carries throughout the tournament. 




-      1: Inner Circle (NR)


I don’t think I could any other way for the number one spot this week. AEW’s newest faction made a huge impact on the show and it’s going to be interesting to see who can take this team down. The Inner Circle is led by AEW Champ, Chris Jericho and contains Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara. This is something that pro wrestling has really been missing in quite some time and they have a very solid base here. I expect big things from this group and the reaction they received was pretty awesome. They are the big heel group in AEW and Jericho’s promo was amazing. This kind of promo work shows a big, glaring difference between the AEW and WWE product. It will be interesting to see if WWE counters this in the near future.