NHL DraftKings for 12/9/2018

So here are 4 featured games for tonight’s NHL DraftKings

Montreal @ Chicago

New Jersey @ Anaheim

Calgary @ Edmonton

Dallas @ Vegas

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

Not exactly the greatest slate of games for Sunday night. We start off at the center position and easy points are with Connor McDavid. No matter how bad the Oilers are, McDavid is going to get his share. He’s got 40 pts in 28 games and has only gone 1 game in the last 11 without a point. While I don’t expect anything different from McDavid in this game, being priced at $8,100 against a red hot Calgary team, there’s definitely better value to be had. On the other side of the Edmonton game I really like Sean Monahan at $6,800. Edmonton has had their share of struggles on defense and in the goal. Save $1,300 and go with Monahan. Another C that i like today is Ryan Getzlaf vs New Jersey. New Jersey is an awful team defensively and with Getzlaf pointless in his last 2, I expect a bounce back. Another good C for the value is Toews at $5,200. The Blackhawks have struggled this year but Toews has put up solid number so far with 24 pts in 30 games.

At the winger spot I’m a big fan of Patrick Kane at $6,900. Kane has only scored 1 goal in his last 14 games but has still averaged over a point a game this season. Chicago at home vs Montreal is the perfect time for Kane to break out of his goal slump. Kane is also avg. 4.7 FPPG which is tied for the 2nd highest among all wingers playing tonight. Matt Tkachuk at $6,000 is a good play. Again, I’m big on this Calgary match-up vs Edmonton so load up on Calgary offensive players.

At defense I’m going bargain shopping to save some value for other positions. $4,300 for Brandon Montour averaging 2.6 FPPG against a good match-up vs New Jersey. My other pick, don’t laugh, but Brent Seabrook at $4,000. Despite only having a single point in his last 11 games he is still averaging over 2 FPPG in that stretch, worst case scenario, and he’s still averaging 3 FPPG through 30 games.

And at Goalie I’m taking Gibson/MIller for Anaheim. I suspect it will be Gibson in goal for this game but either way we are talking about 2 goalies who have been impressive so far this season. Gibson owns a .926 save pct through 24 games and Miller has a .929 save pct in his 7 starts. I don’t want to continue to harp on this match-up but you have to like who ever is in goal for Anaheim vs this bad New Jersey team with a mediocre offense. Shut down Hall and you shut down the entire Devils team.

12/9 Line-up

C Sean Monahan $6,800

C Ryan Getzlaf $5,700

W Patrick Kane $6,900

W Matthew Tkachuk $6,000

W Oscar Lindberg $2,900

D Brandon Montour $4,300

D Brent Seabrook $4,000

G John Gibson $8,200

UTIL Jonathan Toews $5,200