76ers' Embiid Not Happy

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After last night’s win over the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid voiced his frustrations with reporters.  Essentially, he’s not happy with the way he’s being utilized on the floor, which as he puts it, as a “spacer.”  He acknowledges his production has dropped, but is blaming it on his different role since the team acquired all-star Jimmy Butler.  He says he hasn’t been himself because he’s spending more time on the perimeter creating space for Jimmy Butler, who likes to drive to the basket, and says it frustrates him.

Poor Joel Embiid.  Let’s all take a moment to feel sorry for him because even though the 76ers are winning, his numbers have gone down.  Give me a break Joel.  The 76ers are 18-9 and are in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.  They have come a looong way from their recent rebuilding (tanking) years.  The players, coaches, fans, management, and everyone else in the organization should be absolutely thrilled.  They have a real shot at going to the NBA Finals this season.  They were a good team coming into this season, and got even better after acquiring Jimmy Butler from the Timberwolves.  The only one who isn’t happy is Embiid, because evidently it is all about him.  Basketball is a team game and if you want to win a championship, you have to have a good team.  That’s exactly what the 76ers are.  If the only thing Embiid cares about is putting up stellar numbers every game, then he should request a trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Phoenix Suns.  Then he could score as many points as he wishes, but will be on a team going nowhere.  The best way to create a legacy in the NBA is to win championships.  That should be the only thing Embiid is concerned with.

I’m really interested to see where this storyline goes from here.  Jimmy Butler isn’t going anywhere.  Joel Embiid isn’t going anywhere.  And if these two can’t play together, the Philadelphia 76ers aren’t going anywhere either.  C’mon Joel Embiid, #TrustTheProcess.