Arizona Movie Review




During the housing crisis of 2009, Cassie is struggling to keep her head above water.  She is a failing real estate agent, an embittered single mother, and on the verge of losing her own home.  Life takes a turn for the worst after she witnesses Sonny, an unstable and infuriated client, murder her boss.  Twists, deaths, and laughs are uniquely woven together in this dark comedy as Cassie fights for her life and her family. 

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

 I remember watching the trailer for this over the summer and thought it had a ton of potential.  Thankfully, it lived up to my own personal hype.  Danny McBride and company were all casted perfectly and killed it; however, it did feel odd seeing Kaitlin Olson outside of Paddy’s Pub.  As mentioned before, this is a dark comedy in which the characters find themselves immersed in one traumatic situation after another but is written in such hilarious fashion.  I found myself shamefully laughing continuously at McBride’s representation of Sonny’s fracturing psyche.  Though this is not a Coen Brothers’ film, it reminded me a great deal of their humor and writing style.  If you are a fan of Fargo, Raising Arizona, or The Big Lebowski, I think you will enjoy Arizona.  3/5.