Thanny's Thoughts: NFL Week 14

What do you even want me to say at this point? Before I started writing Thanny’s Thoughts I was picking above 50%, and that was through 9 weeks. In the 4 weeks since I’m picking at a 36% rate. Yep, 21 for 58. It’s the Sports Chief curse, what can you do?

At Tennessee -4.5 vs Jacksonville

Not exactly an exciting match-up but we can only hope we get to see this Titans and Jags game in their glorious color rush uniforms. How about the Jags last week though, their defense shows up for the first time all season and shuts out the red hot Colts. Only problem, Cody Kessler isn’t anywhere near Blake Bortles level, so they scored 6 pts. Tennessee on the other hand barely squeaked by the lowly Jets. This is definitely a tough game to pick, but I’m going to go with Tennessee simply due to the fact that I don’t trust a Cody Kessler lead offense.

Glorious  Photo Credit: CBS


Photo Credit: CBS

At Kansas City -7.5 vs Baltimore

So the Chiefs defense kind of stinks, huh? You can kind of give them a pass, not really, for allowing 54 pts to the LA Rams, but giving up 33 pts to the Oakland Raiders is inexcusable. That game is all I need to see to say that the Chiefs aren’t a Superbowl team. They’re still a good team though and I’m gonna take the Chiefs at -7.5 over whatever QB the Ravens will throw out there unless it’s RG3….

At Houston -4.5 vs Indianapolis

I don’t know how much I have lost on this little 9 game winning streak by the Texans. Every week I say that this is the week their winning streak ends and every week I’m a little lighter in the wallet. But you know what? I’m eventually going to be on the right side of history, so I’m taking the Colts at +4.5. I actually don’t even like this pick, but I can’t bring myself to choose the Texans, I have to be right at least once.

Carolina -1 vs At Cleveland

Cam Newton = No Bueno. Newton has to be one of the most inconsistent if not the most inconsistent QB in the league. He’s had a decent year stat wise but if you tune into Panthers games you know this is in large part due to the year Christian McCaffrey is having. The Panthers were once a lock for the playoffs at 6-2 but now 4 losses in a row and they are dangerously close to being eliminated. I’m still going to take the Panthers this week at -1. I think the Panthers win and give their fans slight hope of making the playoffs.

At Green Bay -6 vs Atlanta

I borderline thought it was a lock last week that the Packers would cover that -14 spread against the Cardinals, well….not only did they not cover but they lost to the Arizona Cardinals at home in Lambeau Field. What a disgrace to a storied franchise and rightfully so the Packers parted ways with McCarthy no less than 3 hrs after the game. Do I trust Joe Philbin as interim head coach? No, but I do trust Aaron Rodgers to actually start trying again and Green Bay coming out firing with McCarthy gone. I’m taking the Packers to win and cover.

Photo Credit: ClutchPoints

Photo Credit: ClutchPoints

New Orleans -8 vs Tampa Bay

Not much to talk about in this match-up other than give me the Saints all day, every day. The Cowboys played the best defensive game that an NFL team could possibly play against the New Orleans Saints last week. Now all of a sudden everybody thinks they have the blueprint for what it takes to beat the Saints. That game for the Saints was like the Titan’s game for the Pats. The Saints are a really good team and good teams bounce back. I’d even take the Saints in this game if the spread was -13.

At Buffalo -3.5 vs NY Jets

You know what rock bottom is? And no, it’s not what Dwayne Johnson is cooking up, it’s this spread right here. Being the underdog in a Buffalo Bills matchup. Granted at the same time, Josh Allen has been somewhat impressive. I’d definitely rank Allen as the 2nd best QB from the 2018 draft from what we’ve seen so far. Despite all common sense saying that you should probably avoid the Bills especially if they have to cover a spread, I’m going with the Bills in this one. McDermott is coaching for his job while it’s already a forgone conclusion for Bowles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bowles is given the McCarthy treatment after this loss.

New England -8 vs At Miami

I’m going to go with the Patriots in this game. The Dolphins usually do play the Patriots pretty close, but the Dolphins are overachieving with their 6-6 record. The Pats offense has been running smooth lately with most everyone back from injuries. Patriots should be able to win this game by double digits.

LA Rams -3 vs At Chicago

With Trubisky back in the Bears lineup this should be a really good game. The Bears really struggled the last few weeks with Chase Daniel in at QB and it really proved to all the haters just how important Trubisky is to the team. He’s not always they most accurate passer but when you combine his running ability, he’s an effective QB, kind of like Blake Bortles *cough, cough. I’m going with the Rams in this game just because I think they’re the better team. I’m starting to not like how many favorites I’m going with this week. The ratio is definitely off.

At Washington -1.5 vs NY Giants

Not sure how the Giants are underdogs in this matchup with all things considered. The Giants have actually been playing kind of good lately, winning 3 out of their last 4. When you combine that with the fact that Mark Sanchez is starting for the Redskins on Sunday, yeah I’m going to take the Giants at +1.5.

Denver -6 vs At San Francisco

I’m going to go with Denver in this game, largely due to fact that I have no clue who is starting at quarterback for the 49ers. I assume it’s Nick Mullens still. Just looked up who started last week and saw that Mullens threw for over 400 yds against the Seahawks last week…..kind of impressive. Still sticking with the Broncos here.

Definitely not dropping 4 hundo on the Denver defense  Photo Credit: Niners Nation

Definitely not dropping 4 hundo on the Denver defense

Photo Credit: Niners Nation

At LA Chargers -14 vs Cincinnati

14 pts is a very high spread but as long as Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson are with the Bengals I’m taking the opponent. Surely the Bengals don’t continue with Lewis after this season, but you already know that they are at least going to give Lewis the treatment that Tony Dungy thought McCarthy deserved. LA Chargers also coming off that big comeback win against the Steelers. This team is riding high.

Detroit -2.5 vs At Arizona

This is almost too easy of a pick. I’m still convinced that Arizona is the worst team in the league, despite what happened last weekend in Green Bay. Detroit should cake walk to a win and cover.

At Dallas -4 vs Philadelphia

So it was brought to all of our attentions last week that the Cowboys defense is kind of good. They haven’t allowed more than 28 pts all season. This is a huge matchup in the NFC East with the Redskins now out of contention. If the Cowboys win this game that should almost lock up the division for them but if Philly wins then both teams are tied with 3 games remaining. I really want to see Philly win this game but I just don’t see it happening. My gut is telling me that Cowboys win this game, but don’t cover.

Pittsburgh -11 vs At Oakland

Oakland scored 33 pts last week in their loss to the Chiefs, so is John Gruden back?? Has John Gruden found his mojo again? I don’t know about you but I’m buying into it, granted I’ve been telling myself that Oakland isn’t that bad all season and look where that’s got me. But sometimes you just gotta stick to your guns no matter how wrong you are. Oakland +11.

2 of the best in the biz  Photo Credit: USA Today

2 of the best in the biz

Photo Credit: USA Today

At Seattle -3.5 vs Minnesota

A game with big playoff implications, the top 2 wildcard teams in the NFC at the moment. I’m going to go with Minnesota just because this game is more a of a must win to them than it is for the Seahawks.