#HeadbandBen and #HeadbandJimmy

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The 76ers scoring duo Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler have seemed to have started a headband club. Their teammates are not allowed to wear headbands without prior approval from the duo. Some say the look ridiculous... and I agree, but who cares. As long as they are out there balling, wear what you want! I see it as a way the top scorers on the team are bonding and creating more chemistry. Since Jimmy has joined the team, Ben Simmons has been playing better, the team is 8-2 and he is playing his best basketball. Over 20 games averaging 19.7 points shooting 40.5 3 pt fg percentage, his current numbers are higher than his career average.

I liked this trade from the beginning and I can't wait to see who is next to rock the headband...it would be nice if it was Embid. Kyle Nuebuck reported the rules of headband brothers...

Rule No. 1: Simmons is the lead decision-maker here

Rule No. 2: Only headband guys are involved in the bets

Rule No. 3: Bets are decided on collaboratively

Rule No. 4: Headbands raise the stakes, literally and figuratively

Rule No. 5: JJ Redick is not allowed to be part of the group

Rule No. 6: You must petition to join the club

My favorite rule hands down is number 5... I have a strong dislike for JJ and its personal as well as part of our team rivalry. Because of what JJ has done for Duke he will always be on my dislike list and he will not be on the court anytime I play 2k. All that being said, I hope the team can gel together and make a strong statement in the east. I'm tired of all the talent trying to go out west.