Thanny's Thoughts: NFL Week 13

Wells your boy is officially on the hot seat, I’m starting to feel like Marvin Lewis over here. Two rough weeks back to back and I’m beginning to look like a schlub here handing out gambling losses left and right. But sometimes you just got to double down and push ahead.

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New Orleans -7 vs At Dallas

The Saints are rolling and while I down see them finishing 15-1, though it’s possible, they’re definitely not going to struggle to cover nonetheless win. The Cowboys may have reeled off 3 in a row and this game is in Jerry World but I don’t trust this team at all and they’re definitely not making it 4 in row. Sean Payton outclasses Jason Garrett even on his worst days, I’ll take the Saints.

Indianapolis -4 vs At Jacksonville

All indications point toward Indy, like their 5 game win streak, the Jags 7 losing streak, and to top it all off the benching of Blake Bortles. It’s not Bortles fault that you run the ball 40 times a game, Doug Marrone. The last time this happen I’m pretty sure Bortles was back in by halftime if I’m not mistaken, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens here. Bortles leads a second half resurgence but comes up just short of a win but still covers at +4.

Remember when Bortles lit the Steelers up for 40 pts last year in the playoffs? Well obviously Doug Marrone does.  Photo Credit: USA Today

Remember when Bortles lit the Steelers up for 40 pts last year in the playoffs? Well obviously Doug Marrone does.

Photo Credit: USA Today

 At Pittsburgh -3.5 vs LA Chargers

This is sneaky one of the games of the year. It will likely be close but Pittsburgh at home, coming off a tough loss, I expect them to bounce back and cover. Big Ben may have threw a costly pick last week but he’ll strap on the walking boot and bounce back better than ever. Pitt by a touchdown.


Carolina -3.5 vs Tampa Bay

Talk about a must win game for the Panthers. 3 weeks ago, they were 6-2 and looked like a shoe in for the playoffs and here they are with a 6-5 record and battling Seattle and Minnesota for a wildcard playoff spot. If the Panthers want a shot at the playoffs this game is a must win as they still have 2 games against New Orleans to close out the year. I expect the Panthers to win and cover in this game to keep their playoff hopes alive and Tampa Bay to continue their QB carousel because why not?


Baltimore -1.5 vs At Atlanta

I think it’s official to say that the New England Patriots comeback against the Falcons killed this team and any future success that we thought they would have. What an incredibly talented under achieving team. The Ravens on the other hand are likely to still be without Flacco which means running Lamar Jackson 20+ times until he gets concussed or tears an ACL. In the end I’m going with Atlanta because I’m addicted to losing money. I mean 3-8 vs the spread?! Water always finds its level.


At Houston -6 vs Cleveland

Houston are the first team to lose the first 3 games of the season and follow that up with 8 consecutive wins. And let me tell you that it comes to an end this week. Give me Baker, give me the Hue Jacksonless, Hue Jackson hating Cleveland Browns. I’m all in on these Browns by the way. I’m not saying they win this game, but it’s close and pretty much a “guaranteed” cover if I’ve ever seen one. Warning: All bets are NOT guaranteed, are NOT FDIC insured and MAY involve risk.

Lock City  Photo Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

Lock City

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

At Miami -5.5 vs Buffalo

Buffalo being 4-7 is sneaky kind of impressive considering their list of QBs is Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson, Josh Allen and Matt Barkley. Sean McDermott coach of the year?? Okay, that was too far but this game will likely be close and I’m taking the Bills to not only cover but win. Ride that 2 game win streak momentum to a 3rd.


Chicago -4.5 vs At NY Giants

Was Vegas even serious with this spread. Yeah, the Giants have are 2-1 in their last 3 games but here’s where they lose this game. The NY Giants have allowed the 2nd most sacks in the NFL this season and their playing the Chicago Bears defense. Look up a stat for me one time, Vegas. Christ this is free money.


Denver -4 vs Cincinnati

Cincy is absolute shit show and I’m disgusted with myself for picking them over the Browns last week. This spread had to have come out before it was announced that Andy Dalton was injured and Jeff Driskel(whoever the hell that is) is starting. Denver’s defense has been playing lights out lately and as long as Keenum can not turn the ball over this should be a lock for the Broncos to cover and win.


LA Rams -10 vs At Detroit

This could be a trap game, but I’m gonna have to go with the odds on this one. And the odds that the Rams outscore the Lions by more than 10 definitely outweigh the chances of the Lions keeping this game within 10 pts or even god forbid win this game. I’m taking the Rams in this one, granted a slip up is coming at some point for the Rams who’ve only lost a game to this point.


At Green Bay -14 vs Arizona

Imagine playing for a team that’s a -14 pt underdog to a 4-6-1 team. That’s got to be a bit depressing. The Cardinals are the worst team in the league and yes that league also includes the Raiders. The Cardinals are only averaging 14 pts a game so yeah I’m actually taking the Packers and soon to be fired McCarthy to cover this game.


Kansas City -15 vs At Oakland

I’ve defended and bet on this Raiders team all season long only for them to get beat by the Ravens by 17 pts, the Chargers by 14 pts and the 49ers by 31 pts. You would think the Raiders would be able to at least keep a divisional game competitive but that’s obviously not been the case all season long and won’t be the case in this game either. Give me KC at -15.

What’s the largest point differential a team has ever ended the season with? Asking for a friend  Photo Credit: USA Today

What’s the largest point differential a team has ever ended the season with? Asking for a friend

Photo Credit: USA Today

 At Tennessee -9.5 vs NY Jets

Flipping a coin on this game is your best bet. The Titans have looked great some weeks and have look awful some weeks. The Jets on the hand have pretty much looked awful all season long. I’m taking the Jets to cover this game because 9.5 is just too much, but I can’t see them winning this game.


At New England -6 vs Minnesota

Yep, I’m back to betting against the Patroits. The Pats always seem to play good when I bet against them, so I guess you could say that I’m taking one for the team. Also the game is in New England so I’d be astonished if they lost in December at home, I just expect the Vikings to keep it close.


At Seattle -10 vs San Francisco

Seattle wins this game because Russell Wilson is going to get this Seahawks team to the playoffs. Also, don’t sleep on the defense who’ve played pretty well this season. This will probably be a close game and the only reason I say that is because it always feels like these 2 teams play each other competitively, so I’ll take the 49ers to lose but still cover.


At Philadelphia -6.5 vs Washington

I mean Philly should easily win the game, right? Defending Super Bowl champs against a team who just lost their starting QB. This game is too easy to blow and that’s is exactly what’s gonna happen. Give me the Redskins and Colt McCoy to not only cover this game but to also win. The Eagles are a dumpster fire this season so anytime their a favorite you should probably bet against them.