J.Scott's NBA Trade Rumors

Are the Washington Wizards breaking up? Looks like that could be the case with rumors of Bradley Beal being traded after the team has underperformed nearing the bottom of the eastern conference. Washington is looking to rebuild and the team is also looking to get rid John Wall. The team recently sign Dwight ( Shrute) Howard who has been out suffering from an injured tailbone as well as some personal issues that I'm not about to get into. Rumor has it the Charlotte Hornets are interested in signing Beal to help super Kemba. I can see this being a good fit for both Beal and the Hornets. Another hot location would be the Lakers. There have been talks of the potential trading Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. Honestly, I don't see the Lakers trading away Ball, although he is a solid average NBA player, he has drawn a lot of attention to the organization and helped to fill seats. Originally I would have put Brandon Ingram on the do not trade list, but as of late with all the potential options out there, he might have to go. A few landing spots I would like to see players would be Bradley Beal to the Hornets, Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Jr Smith to the Lakers ( just to get another Meme ), John Wall to the 76ers, get rid of Markelle Fultz, but the only move that is most likely to happen would be Beal to the Hornets. All this wishful thinking, I'm ready to see some real moves. Let me know in the comments below, who next to be traded and where will they end up! Let's talk about it.