Hue Jackson & Marvin Lewis Are The Two Biggest Clowns In The NFL

Forget the last 15 yrs of not winning a single playoff game, Marvin Lewis deserves to be fired for the simple fact that he brought Hue Jackson on board for the 3rd time. Hue Jackson is statically the worst coach in NFL history(I’m assuming) with a record of 3-36-1. So surprise surprise that once he gets fired the Browns are 2-1 without him. Hue Jackson was so awful he honestly doesn’t deserve to step foot near an NFL field ever again. To top things off, Jackson was completely blind to any blame and didn’t feel he was the issue. Imagine being that ignorant that you feel a 3-36-1 record under your stint as head coach isn’t your fault. Jackson continued to pass blame when he talked about the organization passing up qbs like Mahomes, Wentz, Watson. Never mind the fact that you got Baker who’s the number 1 qb in this year’s draft and you still couldn’t win. Looks like Baker didn’t care too much to see or hug that bozo either.

So still, despite all the baffling statistics and throwing former players and staff under the bus, Marvin Lewis literally hires this man no less than 2 weeks after he’s canned from the Browns. Marvin Lewis should have been fired long ago for his inability to win a single game when it matters. 15 seasons and not a single playoff win, but hiring Hue Jackson has to take the cake. This is dysfunction at its finest. And surprise, surprise the Bengals are 0-2 with Jackson on the team serving as assistant to the head coach. I wonder what exactly he is assisting with because it’s definitely not football. 

Clueless Hue Jackson  Photo Credit: Washington Post

Clueless Hue Jackson

Photo Credit: Washington Post

I also hate the fact that the Steelers blew that game and tied with the Browns week 1 because 3-36-1 for some reason looks so much better on paper than 3-37.