Blake Bortles to the Redskins?? Bears??

Photo Credit: Arizona Sports

Photo Credit: Arizona Sports

Now let me start this off by saying I have no proof that this is going to happen. The Jaguars just announced the firing of OC Nathaniel Hackett and the benching of the “BOAT” Blake Bortles. This is insanely painful to see, Bortles led the Jags to an AFC title berth last year, and played very well in the game against the greatest Quarterback this world has ever seen in Tom Brady. The Jags need to cut ties with Bortles, they have never believed in him and benching him now makes no sense. The past two games Bortles has thrown the ball 18 and 23 times respectively, while running 43 and 39 times in those games as well. Hackett was responsible for Bortles’ poor play and now you are going to bench him?!?!?! This is a lost cause in Jacksonville and they need to let the BOAT play somewhere else. 


The Chicago Bears have Mitch Trubisky who is suffering from an AC Joint injury in his shoulder. Chase Daniel looked good on Thanksgiving, but having Bortles would help them in replacing Trubisky. Bortles is the best running QB statistically in NFL History, and has sub-par accuracy like Trubisky. If Bortles could work with Matt Nagy, this could help the Bears out for the time being.


The Redskins have Colt McCoy and are struggling after their loss to the Cowboys. Why not add Bortles who has playoff experience and experience playing behind a trash offensive line? Colt cannot scramble like Blake, and their offense is centered on a game manager, so this would be ideal for Bortles in his career. Not to mention the Redskins have a solid defense and below-average receivers like the Jags. 


I am a firm believer in Blake’s ability, he basically led the Jaguars to the Super Bowl last year, and his line has been atrocious this year. If the Redskins sign Blake, they will win the NFC East. Plus…he could destroy his former team in Jacksonville during Week 15. This would further the legend that we call…Blake Bortles.



By: AustYn