J.Scott's Week 11 Fantasy Football Results

Fantasy Football.jpg

I know I was supposed to show you all my week 11 fantasy results this past Tuesday, but with Thanksgiving and my teams performing like trash, I have neglected to do so. So I will give you all the update now.

BillDozer- Yahoo League...I finished with 69.54 points with disappointing performances from Matt Ryan, Sterling Shephard, and Jimmy Grahm to name a few. My entire line was trash... Not sure why I didn't play Goff, but oh well week 11 has passed. Record 4-7 in 9th place

Dak2thefuture18-I took another L in this league producing only 100.94 points. Another league where I place my faith in Matt Ryan and was disappointed. In this league, I am not 7-4 in 4th place and I should be able to squeeze out a win this week against a 4-7 squad. A huge performance for Amari Cooper has given me a good lead.

Did I do That?- Took the W in this league with 134 points riding good performances from Aaron Rodgers, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Robert Woods. Sitting in 3rd with a 7-3-1 record. Projected to grab the win this week as well.

Dakitup Zeke-Last league I too the win racking up 291 points. Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown, and Tyreke Hill lead the way with huge games based on the league's point metrics. I am in 3rd place as well in this league looking to win again in week 12.

Overall I am in solid playoff positions in 3 put the 4 leagues. I mistakenly left Kerryon Johnson in as well as Matt Prater. This mistake cost me at least 15 points in total. I have to make some decisions on who would be my best bet to offset those missed points. In Dakitup Zeke, I am not too worried, I have a solid line up that can compensate, but in BillDozer its a wrap. I've solidified a loss already in that league with not hopes for playoffs.

Thanks for hanging in the with me for the week 11 results. Stay tuned in for new updates regarding my fantasy teams.