Thanksgiving Day NFL Preview

Chicago Bears (7-3) at Detroit Lions (4-6)

12:30 p.m.

Ahhh, there are no traditions on Thanksgiving like stuffing yourself full of food while watching the Lions lose on national television.  And I can’t wait to do that again this year.  The Bears just beat the Lions less than two weeks ago 34-22 and I fully expect them to do it again.  The Bears are hot right now, coming off a big win against the Vikings on Sunday night.  Their defense is the scariest in the NFL.  With a less-than impressive offensive line for the Lions, Khalil Mack’s mouth is already watering, and it ain’t for the turkey.  Stafford is a veteran that will complete his share of passes, at least one going in the endzone, but without Golden Tate anymore he is limited in his options.  Add in the fact that starting running back Kerryon Johnson is injured, and the Lions chances of winning are about as small as the city of Detroit itself ever making a comeback.

Prediction: Even without Trubisky, Bears 24   Lions 13


Washington Redskins (6-4) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5)

4:30 p.m.

Photo Cred: Mark Tenally, AP

Photo Cred: Mark Tenally, AP

The classic ‘Skins-‘Boys rivalry on Thanksgiving Day?  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Well, that’s not true.  But this game is definitely intriguing.  Other than the fact these two teams hate each other, this game is for 1st place in the NFC East.  The Redskins beat the Cowboys earlier this season, but they also had Alex Smith as their quarterback then.  With Smith done for the year with that gruesome injury, Colt McCoy will be the starting quarterback with newly acquired Mark Sanchez (the Sanchize) as his back-up.  Go ahead and ring the bell.  No, not the dinner bell Ezekiel Elliott.  We’re talking about the bell that signifies this match is already over.  There’s no way the Redskins beat the Cowboys with Colt McCoy under center.  And the Cowboys have been playing much better lately now that they’ve decided to stop playing keep-away from Elliott.  #FeedZekeTurkeyandFootball

Prediction: Cowboys 27   Redskins 23


Atlanta Falcons (4-6) at New Orleans Saints (9-1)

8:20 p.m.

The Falcons have been backsliding  and the Saints have been ROLLING.  Saints by a billion.  I just don’t know what has happened to the Falcons this year and how they’re this bad with their talent.  The quicker they realize that Julio Jones, is indeed, still on their team, the better they will be.  Jones only having three touchdown catches this entire year is such a slap in the face to all his fantasy owners.  And what more can you really say about the Saints?  They are the best team in the NFL and are just plowing through any team that stands in their way.  I couldn’t even do the things their offense does on the rookie level in Madden.  Even though they only beat the Falcons by six in OT in week 3, this matchup will not go nearly as well for the Falcons.  Like almost every other team, they will fall to their demise by the hands of Brees, Thomas, and Kamara.

Prediction: Saints 42   Falcons 19