Crown Royal Salted Caramel?....Hmmmm

Crown Royal .JPG

Crown Royal is one of my go-to liquors of choice. With all the sports on TV, yesterday I decided to visit Aunt Bessies Cafe (ABC store) and I notice a seasonal flavor promotion for Crown Royal. At this time of the year with Tom getting his turkey cooked and Santa Claus finalizing his list, what better flavor to promote then Salted Caramel. I decided to go ahead and give it a try, so here are my thoughts. If you enjoy a sweet liquor with a VERY candy-like taste, this is the one for you. It's still a 70 proof whiskey, but you will not feel the burn in your throat. To me, I like the feel of a forest fire in my throat when I drink a good whiskey, but if you don't Salted Caramel gets another point on the board. This Drink will pair well with some soft pretzel while watching ice skating. skating, you know...Blades of Glory. Personally, I will not be buying Salted Caramel Crown again, unless I'm going to make some type of mixed drink with it. I not a big sweets person and this taste just like a desert. So some of you may really like it which is great, but its not going to be my first, second or tenth choice when hitting up Aunt Bessie's. Even though it's not my flavor of choice...It will not go to waste, shots will be poured in 3..2..1. I'm sure I can find some nice Mariah Carey to listen to while I drink it ( no diss to Mariah..real talk she dominates my Spotify playlist), ...ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUUUUU.