Space Jam 2, Markelle Fultz and King James? Say What?


So Space Jam 2 is a thing...... Let me start by saying every great movie does NOT need a sequel. I mean look at what they did to Like Mike, with Like Mike 2 and that weird movie featuring Kevin Durant and the random white kid... it just wasn't meant to be. I'm not going to go into all 1 million reasons why this movie should not be made, but I will speak about what needs to happen if it is. If you have never seen Space Jam, I want you to pause, take a deep breath, and go get your priorities in order. Leave my blog and don't come back until you got some sense... Now let's talk about what must happen. If there is a Space Jam 2, I need Markelle Fultz to be a cast member. Why you may ask? ...Well apparently the Monstars stole his talent right under our noses and he hasn't been the same since. My thought is, if Lebron James can defeat the Monstars (because he is apparently Michael Jordan right) then they might give Fultz his talent back...but the odds of that happening ain't looking too good. With all that being said Space Jam 2 is a no-go in my book, the Monstars are real, and Fultz ain't getting his talent back... tell me im wrong... I'll wait.