Adam Schefter Reported the Most Absurd Piece of News Earlier This Morning

So this morning as we all prepared for another Sunday of sitting on the couch all day and watching entirely way too much football, Adam Schefter reported that the Cleveland Browns are interested in interviewing Condoleezza Rice for their head coaching vacancy. Yes you read that right, an NFL head coaching gig and former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. This might just be the single most absurd piece of news ever reported. I’m not sure what could possibly top this. I would have loved to have seen Adam Schefter’s reaction when he received this piece of “insider information”. Surely to god he’s getting trolled, but Schefter being the ego-maniac that he his went ahead and posted this and set the NFL world on fire.

Honestly the craziest part of this whole ordeal is that the fact that it’s slightly believable. Yes, the Cleveland Browns came out afterwards and disputed this report(I’m sure that’s the last thing that the Browns’ GM John Dorsey thought he would have to dispute when he woke up this morning), as well as Condoleezza Rice rejected the notion of her throwing her name in the hat for the Browns head coaching job. But, the simple fact that this report was about the Cleveland Browns made it seem like this had some legs. Never mind the fact that Condoleezza Rice has never coached football in her life and that being an NFL head coach from an Xs and Os standpoint might be one of the hardest jobs in all of sports. Never mind the fact that she would be the first female coach in NFL history and having a female coach is such a terrible move to make for obvious reasons. The Cleveland Browns are a circus and hiring her as a coach would just continue that cycle. In the end, maybe it wasn’t that crazy of a report because we are talking about the same franchise that held onto Hue Jackson for 2.5 seasons.

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