Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One



Photo Credit Warner Bros.

Photo Credit Warner Bros.

In the year 2045, virtual reality is king.  Nearly all of humanity spends their time engrossed in the OASIS, a seemingly endless virtual universe.  James Halliday, the creator of this universe, passes away and leaves behind a once in a lifetime opportunity.  A contest to win his phenomenal fortune and complete control of the OASIS. Basically, the winner must obtain three intricately hidden keys by Halliday in order to receive the Easter Egg. Once the Easter Egg is found, he or she wins the game and all the incentives that follow.  The story revolves around teenager Wade Watts, a.k.a. Parzival, on his epic adventure to capture Halliday’s prize.


The movie is based on Ernest Cline’s book “Ready Player One” and is directed by the great Steven Spielberg.  Seeing as I have yet to read to the book, my review is strictly on the movie.  I genuinely enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  The story maintained an upbeat pace that kept me engaged throughout. The visuals were amazing to say the least and the soundtrack kept the toes tapping and the head bobbing.  There were so many 80s’ pop culture references it hurt and I mean that in the best way possible.  Bad language was present but not a big deal.  I took away three key messages from this movie.  One, teamwork makes the dream work.  Two, never judge a book by its cover.  Three, though we rely on technology for so many aspects of our lives, it’s good to unplug from time to time and enjoy the real world.  Ready Player One offers something for everyone to enjoy and I recommend you give it a watch.  My rating 4/5.

By: Randy