Rockets to Waive Melo

After a poor performance so far, the Houston Rockets are expected waive Carmelo Anthony this month. The Rockets have not lived up to the hype since signing Melo. After a stellar performance last season, the idea was to add Melo and make it all the way to the NBA finals. So far they have statically performed worse with Melo on the courts. Stats show the Rockets were outscored by 63 points with Melo on the floor and outscoring other teams by 7 points with him on the bench. Melo had an underwhelming performance with the Oklahoma City Thunder and it has continued with the Rockets. I don't expect to see NBA leading scoring Melo ever again, but he does have a few options left to revive his career. Reports indicate that the 76ers and the Heat are interested in signing him. From a career standpoint, I say Melo takes a Sherrif Shaq salary of $1 per year and sign with the Warriors to get a ring.....But realistically, his best chance would be playing with the 76ers. With newly acquired Jimmy Bulter, this team is poised to make a statement in the east. I hate to see one of my favorite players in this type of situation, but we all have our time to shine and Melos light is almost out.