Are You Serious Le’Veon Bell?


Le’Veon Bell is a moron.  And no, it’s not because he was a keeper on my fantasy football team and has been ruining my chance at making some easy money all season long.  Instead, it’s because he forfeited his chance to play football this season by not showing up by yesterday’s deadline and forfeiting $14.5 million this season.  Imagine walking away from $14.5 million dollars.  I would have a hard enough time walking away from $5.  But let’s forget the money for a second, because apparently Le’Veon already did.  Let’s talk about how he walked away from his teammates and coaches.  The people he has gone to battle with week after week are thrown to the side like they mean absolutely nothing to him.  The offensive line in particular should be fuming because they’ve helped Bell become who he is while getting paid just a fraction of what he’s paid AND getting no recognition for it.  It has even been reported that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger texted Bell before the deadline expressing his sincere hopes that he show up, but went on to wish him good luck in the future if he didn’t.  Very nice gesture by someone who has a lot at stake here.  Bell’s response?  Big Ben is still waiting on that text back from Bell.  So clearly his teammates mean absolutely nothing to him.  The Steelers are a very good team with the chance at making a run at the Super Bowl this year, and Bell is squandering a chance at a ring?  Are you kidding me?  Some of the best players in NFL history were never fortunate enough to be on a team that had a chance at winning a Super Bowl.  So Bell is not only throwing away $14.5 million, but also his teammates and coaches of five years, the city that has embraced him, and a good shot at a Super Bowl ring.  Go ahead and sign for a few extra million dollars next year Le’Veon, but I have news for you.  Running back is a young man’s game (unless you’re Adrian Peterson).  You just wasted a year IN YOUR PRIME!  That, my friends, is why Le’Veon Bell is a moron.  Sure would be a shame if he ended up on a terrible team next year, with a terrible offensive line, and we all found out that it was actually the Steelers that made him.  At least he’ll have some extra spending money next year.