The Dave Dombrowski Era In Boston Is Officially Over

Credit: NY Post

Credit: NY Post

This was quite the shocking news to wake up to on a Monday morning. The Red Sox have fired their president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski. The 2019 Red Sox season has been anything but a success, but it’s not been that bad. I mean sure we are pretty much eliminated from the playoffs barring a miracle, but the team is 9 games above .500 and come end of the season it will have been just a handful of games that led to us missing the playoffs. We were in it all the way up until the first few days of September so again, it could be a lot, lot worse. Are we really forgetting the two seasons prior to Dombrowski’s hiring when the Sox finished last place in the division with losing records in 2014 and 2015? Since Dombrowski’s hiring in late 2015, the Red Sox went on to win 3 American League East titles in a row, of course that streak comes to an end this season as we look destined for 3rd place, and a World Series title that was won roughly just 10 months ago. Not even a year removed from the biggest accomplishment in all of baseball, something that the Yankees and Dodgers have spent billions trying to accomplish over the past 10 yrs but have come short, and the Red Sox think it’s a good idea to fire Dombrowski because we finally had a down season? I’m truly baffled. Major league baseball is on the same level of parity as the NHL, in the fact that at least 3/4 of the teams somewhat have a shot at winning the title coming into the season, so to expect to be the best every single season is just an absurd notion. Winning 3 straight division titles and a World Series is a run that any team or fan in the league would be happy with.

Now I’m not saying that Dombrowski isn’t to blame at all for the position the Sox have found themselves in because the bullpen is horrendous, and some of it is definitely on his shoulders. But at the same time, it’s not all that different from last season and the bullpen guys that are gone were in line for big paydays, as typically happens when you win championships. In hindsight, we would have been better off had he used the $68 million he spent on signing Nathan Eovaldi and used it to sign Joe Kelly and Craig Kimbrel which signed for a combined $70 million. But that’s just one move. Even had Dombrowski opted for signing Kimbrel and Kelly, we were never going to compete for first place in the AL East. Sale and Price have ERAs in the 4s and Porcello has an ERA over 5. We’ve had 14 different guys start a game this year and as we all know, the bullpen has been horrible and has blown 24 saves. The real shame is the offense that Dombrowski has built has been great again this season, scoring just 19 runs less at this point in the season than the first place team in offense and in all of baseball, the NY Yankees. Some seasons you just don’t have it, and with the some key guys having down years on the pitching staff, the pitching just couldn’t get the job done this year. I borderline think it would be wrong to fire Dombroski had we finished back to back 3rd place in the AL East next season, but to do it after one average season that just so happened to be on the backside of a World Series is insanity.

Watch out Jurgen Klopp, I know you just won Champions League with Liverpool but if you have a few bad performances, John Henry could be firing you next.