LAbron Lakers Can’t Get It Up!

The Lakers are off to a slow start this season, coming in at 4th in the Pacific conference with a 5-6 record. The Lakers were expected to take off from the beginning, but they stumbled in the first three games coming up short with losses to Portland, Houston, and San Antonio!

Although they had a slow start, the "LAKESHOW" is back featuring Lance Stephenson, Brandon Ingram, and Rajon Rondo. With Rondo and Stephenson being new additions, the show will not stop. From Lance Stephenson yearly antics to a Rondo early season brawl and everything that has to do with Lavar... I mean Lonzo Ball. This team will continue to entertain on and off the court. LAbron is no stranger to them, and with such young guns around him, everyone will want to see what happens.

One of boldest moves they have done is to sign veteran Tyson Chandler at over 2 million dollar contract, and a 1.3 million dollar hit to their salary cap. Was this a good move? Chandler has not put up noticeable points since the 2015 season, but he is another veteran leader for this young team with such great potential “if they listen to Lavar.”

Since we are talking about a great show in basketball, let's be real , forget the Lakeshow. The real show is the Mecca of basketball in New York with the Knicks…..but we will save that conversation for another day.