Introduction to The Sports Chief

Welcome to the newest sports media entertainment company, The Sports Chief! As you guessed, we will be talking sports, from baseball to soccer to fantasy sports and gambling. If you’re like us, you’re absolutely tired of turning on ESPN to hear them talk about the same things every day…Lebron James. You’re probably also tired of ESPN, along with other large sports media outlets, constantly worried about fitting in the politically correct culture. Here at The Chief we call it as we see it. Our team of bloggers and vloggers will produce quality informational and entertaining content covering the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAF & NCAAB, Golf, Soccer, Nascar, WWE, fantasy football/baseball, gambling picks, among others. We are based just outside of Charlotte so we will put extra focus on local teams, including minor league teams such as the Knights and the Checkers.

Not a sports fan? No problem. You will still enjoy following The Chief because we will produce content revolving around entertainment such as music, movies, television, video games, beer reviews, and anything else (outside of politics) generating interest around the world. Content will be featured across blogs and vlogs on this website, YouTube videos, and social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. So make sure to follow us, spread the word, and let The Chief take you for a ride!