Roger Goodell Pulls the Plug on Mexico Game


With less than a week till next Monday night’s NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City, the league has decided to pull the game from Mexico’s capital and move it back to the states. Never mind the handful of fans that had plane tickets and hotel reservations. The reason given for this stunt is due to the poor field conditions at the Estadio Azteca. Apparently, a Shakira concert on Sunday night destroyed the field and as you can see in the picture above it’s not exactly in the best shape.

But let’s be serious here folks, the Redskins play on a field that pathetic week in and week out. I used to work at a golf course and trust me all you need is a little bit of spray paint to cover the rough spots. We all know the real reason this game was moved,and it has nothing to do with the playing field. Roger Goodell could not stand idly by and let arguably this season’s best matchup be played in Mexico of all places. I mean we are talking about 2 teams that are 9-1 and both have a legit shot at making the Super Bowl. I mean hell, this could actually be a preview of this year’s Super Bowl with the Chiefs having the best record in the AFC and the Rams being tied with the best record in the NFC, and you thought we’d let this game be played in front of somebody other than an American audience. It’s all fine and good to go giving Mexico an Oakland vs Miami matchup but let’s pump the brakes on giving them the best game of the year. For all we know that picture might not even be real, it’s likely not. Because in the end, Roger Goodell had to do whatever it takes to get this matchup back on American soil. Good luck next year Mexico that the NFL doesn’t give you a game of 2 teams who turn out to actually be good.

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